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Script for the Trial of Alice in Wonderland

White Rabbit: Here ye! Your Majesty's (gesturing to the king and queen), members of the jury (gesturing to the jury box), loyal subjects (gesturing to the witness area), and honored guests (gesturing to the audience). May we present...... The trial of Alice in Wonderland!

Song: Alice in Wonderland

Queen: Let the trial begin!
(All are seated)
White Rabbit: (opening a very long scroll and reading from it.) The prisoner at the bar is charged with enticing Her Majesty, the Queen of Hearts, into a game of croquet, thereby willfully and with malice aforethought, teasing, tormenting and otherwise annoying our beloved and.....

Queen: Never mind that get to the part where I lose my temper!

White Rabbit: (The rabbit quickly reads down the scroll to the end.) Thereby causing the queen to lose her temper!

All: cheer!

Queen: (Leaning forward toward Alice with an evil smile on her face) Now, are you ready for your Sentence?

Alice: (standing in protest) Sentence? But there must be a verdict first.

Queen: Sentence first, verdict afterwards!

(Cast all whispers to one another discussing who is correct.)

Alice: (Crossing toward the Queen.) But, that just isn't the way...

Queen: All ways are my way!

Alice: (Alice stops and curtsies) Yes, your majesty!

Queen: Off with her head!

(Cast everyone cheers is Alice hurries back to her seat. The two cards at the Throne rush forward to seize Alice.)

King: But my dear, we've called no witnesses. Couldn't we hear maybe one or two? Huh? Maybe?

Queen: Oh, very well..... call the first witness!
(Cards return to their places)

White Rabbit: First witness! (He looks around, check his watch and then suddenly realizes that he is the first witness.) Oh, that's me! (He hurries to the witness box.) Well, it all started when Alice was not paying attention to her sister, who was reading. Alice was daydreaming and I ran across her thoughts. I was late for an important date..... But then, I'm always late!

Song: I'm late

White Rabbit: She followed me down a rabbit hole and fell and fell and fell. She thought she would never hit the bottom, but she finally did. She came to a tiny room and tried to follow me through a little door. Since she was much too big, she found a bottle on a table that said, “drink me” and she did. It made her very small. Then, she found some cookies marked “eat me,” and they made her much too big. And so she began to cry and her tears made a river, which swept her out of the little room and into the ocean, where she met the next witness. Next witness.... the dodo bird!

Dodo: (the dodo goes to the witness box) Yes, I met this child when she floated by. We were just about to start our caucus race.

Cast: Caucus-race? (All leaning toward him)

Dodo: Yes, a “caucus-race” never gets anywhere and no one ever wins. So, I invited her to join. And well the best way to explain it is to do it. Parrots, Owls, Toucans, Crows, Robins and Alice take your places! (As he says their names, the characters rise and move to center stage. The dodo crosses to down center and kneels to a starting position for a race, the others forming a “V” in kneeling positions.)

Parrot 1: Acch! Hurry everyone! Take your places! Acch!

Owl 1: Who? Me? Who will race with me? Who!! Who!

Toucan 1: Just follow your nose! That's the way to go!

Crow 1: Ha ha ha! You are just a bunch of silly birds!

Robin 1: Quiet! It's time to start the race! Hurry get to your places!

Song: The Caucus Race

Parrot 2: Acch! What a wonderful race! Acch!

Owl 2: Who? Who will help me up?

Crow 2: Ha ha ha! I've never had such fun!

Toucan 2: I'm completely dry, how marvelous!

Robin 2: That's so much fun! Let's race again!

Queen: (bending over the heap of characters on the floor) And, just what is the prize?

Dodo: (standing up) We don't know. Nobody has ever won!

Queen: (standing up) Off with his head! Next witness! (The queen sits back down.)

Cast: cheer! (Alice and the birds hurry back to their places.)

White Rabbit: Next Witness.... Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum! (They move to the witness box)

Tweedle Dee: I'm Tweedle Dee.

Tweedle Dum: I'm Tweedle Dum

Tweedle Dee: When she came upon us, she called us, “peculiar little figures”...

Tweedle Dum: But, contrariwise, we taught her good manners.

Tweedle Dee: She tried to start by saying “goodbye.”

Tweedle Dum: But we taught her to begin at the beginning.

Queen: What was it you taught her?
(Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum move centerstage, Alice crosses to stand between them)

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: We'll show you.

Song: How Do You Do and Shake Hands

Tweedledum: We wanted her to stay and hear some stories....

Tweedle Dee: But, she was busy chasing after that rabbit.... (He points to the white rabbit)

Tweedledum: So, she left.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: And we're finished. (they bow and move back to their seats)

Queen: (to the White Rabbit.) She was following..... you? Explain that... if you can.
(The White Rabbit nervously moves to the witness box; Alice moves to center stage to pantomime his story as he tells it.)

White rabbit: Yes, she did follow me... to my house, But it's a long story and I will need some help.

Alice: I was there. I'll help you!

White Rabbit: I thought she was Maryann, so I asked her to go inside my house and fetch my gloves. As she was looking for the gloves she found a cookie marked, “eat me” and she did. Again, she change sizes. This time, she grew so large that she filled the house and bumped her head against the roof. I thought she was a monster. Just as the dodo bird and the lizard, Bill, were about to smoke her out, she stole a carrot from the garden, ate it and shrank down to a smaller size again. I ran away, she followed me and met the next witnesses....the flowers.

Rose: (Rose stands and speaks.) Flowers, flowers, hurry to your places! Flowers... roll call! State your names dear.

Iris: Our name is Iris. We have such colorful Petals.

Rose: Very nice Iris. Now it's your turn.

Marigold: Our name is Marigold. We make the garden glitter!

Rose: You do add a sparkle! Next.

Daisy: Our name is Daisy. Our petals are simple, but beautiful!

Rose: That's true my dear your pedals are beautiful. Come now your turn.

Morning Glory: We are morning glory. We love the first rays of sunshine in the morning.

Rose: The sun is glorious. Come, come your turn.

Violets: We're Violet's, we're shy!

Rose: Nothing to be shy about, now your turn.

Lily: Our name is Lily. Our petals are elegant and beautiful.

Rose: You are gorgeous, Lily. Next!

Lavender: We are lavender, our fragrance is so relaxing. (all flowers yawn except the impatience they stamp their foot)

Rose: (waking up) Oh, oh it truly is.....(yawns)

Impatience: Hurry up we want our turn! We are impatience!

Rose: Yes you are! Now you.

Tulips: We are tulips.

Daffodils: We are daffodils.

Both: We are the first to bloom in the spring.

Snapdragons: We're snapdragons you better watch your step with us!

Rose: Please, please let's all get along. Next!

Dandy lion: I'm a Dandy lion...

Tiger lily: I'm a tiger lily.

Both: Grrrr! Some flowers are afraid of us!

Rose: don't get carried away Dandy lion and Tiger lily. You'll frighten the buds! Come dear don't be frightened.

Rosebud: My name is (Giggles.) Rosebud. I'm just a youngster. (Giggles)

Rose: Lovely, just lovely.... yes, we know this weed. (All flowers look at Alice and hold their noses on the word “weed” except for Rosebud.)

Rosebud: I think she's pretty. (Giggles)

Rose: Quiet bud! She came into our garden and was surprised that we could talk.... she was even more surprised that we could sing!

Song: All In The Golden afternoon

Rose: That was lovely, flowers.

King: What happened next?

Rose: She enjoyed our singing very much. (Alice leaves her chair and applauds the flowers) So, just to make pleasant conversation, we asked her.

All Flowers: What kind of a flower are you?

Rose: When she told us.....

Alice: (laughing) I'm not a flower!

Rose: We all examined her petals...(touch Alice's hair) and her stems....(touch her arms and legs) and decided she was a common weed! (All flowers turn their backs to Alice) And we made her leave our garden!! (All flowers turn their noses into the air and return to their seats, as Alice cries and returns to her seat.)

White Rabbit: Next witness.... the caterpillar!

Caterpillar: (the caterpillar moves to Center Stage.) Yes, it's true. This child came across to me while I was performing..... my morning vowel exercises.


Caterpillar: When I asked her, who are you?, She said she didn't seem to know because she changed so many times since that morning. When I asked her to explain herself...... she didn't make any sense. So, I changed myself into a butterfly (He produces butterfly wings from behind his costume.) And fluttered by. (he flutters back to his seat.)

White Rabbit: Next witness! The Cheshire cat!

Cheshire Cat: (The Cheshire Cat bounces to the witness box.) That's me... can't you see? You can always tell a Cheshire Cat by his grin. (He holds up a large grin.) Here, hold this while I testify. (He hands the grin to the White Rabbit.)

Alice: (to the audience.) I've seen a cat without a grin, but I've never seen a grin without a cat!

Cheshire Cat: I wandered upon this little girl with a poem: (he recites dramatically.) 'Twas brillig and the slithy toves, did gyre and gimbel in the wabe.

King: Why don't you sing it?

Cheshire Cat: Don't mind if I do!

Song: 'Twas brillig

Queen: Thank you very much. That was perfectly clear. (Standing.) Off with her head!

Cast: all cheer

Cheshire Cat: (the Cheshire Cat rises.) But I'm not finished. (He crosses this to the witness box, places the hat behind it.) This little girl asked me which way she ought to go and I replied, “Well that depends on where you want to go.” Which is good advice, I think. I finally directed her to the Mad Hatter's.

King: Call the Mad Hatter!

White Rabbit: The Mad Hatter! (The Mad Hatter jumps up. The Cheshire Cat returns to his seat.)

Mad Hatter: Mad Hatter? That's me. Next witness.... move down, move down. (He tries to make everyone move down one seat.)

Queen: You better get off the bench, or it's off with your head!

Mad Hatter: Oh, dear! Yes your majesty? (He jumps up, pulls the March Hare and The Dormouse downstage right with him. The Dormouse sits on the floor Dozing. The March Hare stands beside him.)

Queen: (sweetly) Have you ever seen this little girl before?

Mad Hatter: (the Mad Hatter crosses over to Alice and stares at her.) Never, your majesty.

Alice: (standing) Yes, you have. I was at your tea party.

Mad Hatter: (hurrying over to March Hare.) Was she at our tea party?

March Hare: Yes, I think so. Let's ask the Dormouse.

Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat
(Everyone falls asleep)

Mad Hatter: (drowsily.) He never gets that right. It's twinkle, twinkle, little hat.

Queen: (suddenly waking and shouting.) Off With Their Heads!
(The cast all awakens quickly jumping in their chairs and cheering.) Now, have you ever seen this little girl before?

Mad Hatter: Which little girl? (Crossing to the center and pointing to Alice.) This little girl? No, never.

Alice: (Crossing to the hatter.) You did so. I interrupted your birthday party.

March Hare: (hurrying to Center.) Birthday party? (Laughing) ho, ho, ho. Oh, no it wasn't a birthday party. It was an unbirthday party.

Queen: Explain yourself.

March Hare: Very well.

Song: The Unbirthday Song

Queen: Lovely, just lovely. I do love parties. But... I love trials more. On with the trial! (The cast all boo) Off With Their Heads! (She returns to her throne.)

King: (to the white rabbit) You better call the next Witness! (The king, Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse return to their seats.)

White Rabbit: Next Witness!

Alice: If it would please your majesty. I'd like to speak for myself, please.

Queen: (with an evil smile.) What a lovely child. But curtsey while you testify, my dear. It saves time.

Alice: (Alice curtsies, then moves to the witness box.) I'm afraid this all has been my own fault. You see, if I had been paying attention to my sister, none of this would have happened. I try very hard to do all the right things, but sometimes it is not easy.

Song: Very Good Advice

King: That's very good advice.

Queen: (she is so touched by the song, that she is crying.) It certainly is. (She changes quickly back to her with self, stands and shouts.) Off with her head!

Cast: cheer and boo. (The Cards rush forward and grab Alice.)

White Rabbit: But we have more witnesses!!

Cheshire cat: (standing in her place) I told her to visit the queen, your majesty.

Queen: You did?

Alice: That's right.

Queen: Let Her Go (the cards Retreat, the queen sits back down.) Well, my dear, what happened next?

Alice: I Came Upon your beautiful garden and met the cards.

White Rabbit: Next Witnesses: the cards!
(The cards move forward, to downright carrying paint brushes. As the card talk, they salute putting their brushes to their foreheads.)

First card: It's true your Majesty's.

Second Card: Absolutely, Positively true, your Majesties!

Third card: She met us in the garden...

Fourth card: Your beautiful rose garden.

Fifth card: We were painting the beautiful roses red.

Queen: Painting MY beautiful roses?
(The cast all whisper, painting the Roses? what on Earth for? I wonder why? etc.) You had better explain yourselves.

Sixth card: We had to paint the roses red your majesty....

Seventh card: A very lovely red.

Eighth card: We had no other choice!

Ninth card: Because we planted white ones....

Tenth card: instead of your favorite red ones....

Eleventh card: by mistake!! Oh please forgive us your Majesty!!!

Song: Painting the Roses Red

Queen: Off With Their Heads!
(The cast cheer.)

Twelfth card: We had ordered her out of YOUR garden!

Thirteenth card: (his knees shaking with fear.) And just when we were about to send her on her way....

Fourteenth Card: you came along, your majesty....

Fifteenth Card: and invited her to play croquet with You.

Queen: Sweetly, (her eyelashes fluttering.) I did? What a lovely gesture!

Sixteenth card: But then, she teased you....

Seventeenth Card: and tormented you....

Eighteenth Card: and made you lose your temper!
(The cast all stand, Cheering.)

Alice: Oh, Please, your majesty. (Begging.) Forgive me and let me go back home and I promise not to bother you again.
(The King hurries down Center as the cards return to their places.)

King: She's only a little girl, my dear.

Queen: Hush! Let me think. (As she thinks, she passes back and forth the stage, the cast all leaning forward watching her intently.) I have decided... (the cast all lean further toward her.) To let them... (pointing at the audience.) Decide Alice's fate.

White Rabbit: What do you think? We should let her go, shouldn't we?

Queen: Very well. It's obvious that you're excused this time.

Alice: Oh, thank you, your majesty. (She courtesies to the queen, she turns to the audience and curtsies.) And thank you. Friends. Now I can go home. Goodbye, everyone! (The king and queen move up Center as Alice shakes hands with the cast as they sing) 

Song: Finale

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