Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Important Message!

Performance Dates for our up coming shows. Please put these in your calendar. 

Joseph: On stage rehearsals Jan. 31st-Feb. 5th. Performances Feb. 6th- Feb. 10th

Willy Wonka: On stage rehearsals  Mar. 21st- 26th Performances 27th- 30th

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Joseph Cast List

Narrators: Sarah Doerr, Londyn Branch, Emma Butler, Nada-Lynn Pulsipher, Greta Jolley, Merilynn Pulsipher
Joseph: Jason Metler
Reuben: Talon Tippetts
Simeon: Alex Woidka
Levi: Jackson Jensen
Naphthali: Sidney Smith
Isaachar: Joseph Hickey
Asher: Jase Jolley
Dan: Broc Bennett
Zebulon: Nicholas Harris
Gad: Zach Kessinger
Benjamin: Derek Bundy
Judah: Corbin Jensen
Pharaoh: Talon Tippetts
Potiphar: Jackson Jensen
Potiphar's Wife: Naiya Gardner
Extra Brothers: Henry Pulsipher, Ethan Welch
Brother's Wives/Specialty Dancers
Naiya Gardner, Maggie Petersen, Liza Petersen, Ariana Whatcott, Issa Cordon, Adelaide Olson, Taytum Lomax, Hannah Beecher, Grace Forbush, Brooke Grant, Emily Haroldsen, Eliza Whiting, Eden Smith, Harlee Huff, Brianna McHoes, JaneAnne Metler, Joy Coxson, Celeste Perrins, Madie Cummings, Hannah Cook, Sydnie Losser, Lily Flake, Lily Devenport, Katie Warren, Madisyn Grailey, Lydia Petrucka, Katherine Harris, Alyssa Butler, Roxie Simpson, Ady Stokes, Brynne Roberts, Annabell Mecham, Katlyn Erickson, Kaylee Metler, Shalee Burningham, Emily Jolley, Belle Christensen, Kate Poulson, Karlee Baum

Ishmaelites, Guards: Cody Jensen, Jacob Jensen

Willy Wonka Cast List

Willy Wonka: Talon Tippetts
Charlie Bucket: Derek Bundy
Grandpa Joe: Elijah Lewis
Mr. Bucket: Henry Pulsipher
Mrs. Bucket: Lily Tessem
Phineous Trout: Kira Nielsen
Augustus Gloop: Miles Broadbent
Mrs. Gloop: Merilynn Pulsipher
Mike Teavee: Connor Brockbank
Ms. Teavee : Nada-Lynn Pulsipher
Violet Beauregarde: Lily Seidel
Mrs. Beauregarde: Jocelyn Southam
Veruca Salt: Kaylee Metler 
Mrs. Salt: Ada Broadbent
Grandma Josephina: Brianna McHoes
Grandma Georgina: Natalie Olson
Grandpa George: Joseph Champneys
James: Murray Adamson
Will: Rylan Wilkinson
Rich: Daxton White
Matilda: Gwen Brockbank
Lisa: Rose Pulsipher
Suzie: Lily Flake
Jane: Lily Guilbert
Katie: Ella Nielsen
Candy Man: Brooklyn Batty
Oompa Loompa Security Team: Alex Woika, Jackson Jensen, Atley Painter, Nate Hill
Television Crew:
Oompa Loopa Solos: McKinnzie Cook, Hailey Aguero, Hannah Coyne, Sulice Ihi, Lily Guilbert, SydneyAnderson, Gwen Brockbank
Oompa-Loompas Cooks/Squirrels 
Olivia Tessem, Quade Christensen, Chase Cazier, Maverick Thompson, Milo Thompson, Kamden Brockbank, Claire Metler, Avery Thompson, Erin Gubler, Calvin Christensen, Alice Brockbank, Juliette Merrill, Nya Kelshaw, Clara Valgardson, Caleb Lewis, Aidan Coyne, David Olson, Madeline Anderson, Mark Champneys, Gavin Broadbent, Felicity Snyder, Brianna Gause, Grady Painter, Zach McHoes, Tyson Pope
Oompa-Loompas Candy Kids, TV Kids, This Room Here: 
Gwen Brockbank, Rylan Wilkinson, Rose Pulsipher, Ella Nielsen, Daxton White, Lily Guilbert, Luke Snyder, Bowen Painter, Briley Hupp, Lily Flake, Sulice Ihli, Hailey Gubler, Hannah Coyne, Aliyah Shafermeyer, Ammie Kelshaw, Seth Jensen, Ethan Holden, Sam Woidka, Grace Tessem, Ellie Metler, Linden Valgardson, Kelly Moore, Brinna Ward, Kylee Pope, Murray Adamson
Oompa-Loompas Imagination/Chocolate, Black Light Scene: 
Hailey Aguero, Holly Cherepovich, SydneyAnderson, Alea Bateman, Joseph Champneys, McKinzie Cook, Ethan Jensen, Nate Hill, Olivia Gause, Kate Poulson, Henry Pulsipher, Brooklyn Batty, Londyn Hupp, Natalie Olson, Anna Wright, Aurora Bateman, Brynne Roberts, Atley Painter, Lily Tessem, Lacy Moore, Jackson Jensen, Alex Woidka, Brianna McHoes, Kira Nielsen 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Class Starts This Wed. Sept. 6th

Auditions are over, we have had tons of wonderfully talented youth register for classes this year. We are so excited to finish casting this Wed. and begin working on the shows!
Willy Wonka/ Joseph Choir: 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat: 5:15-6:15 p.m. (some special practices to 6:30)
See you there!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Auditions will be held today Aug. 23rd and next Wed. Aug. 30th Please come one day of these days. If you do not want a lead role no problem just come and meet with Karma and get your picture taken so we can assign you a part.

Class will begin Wed. Sept. 6th
Willy Wonka 4:00 -5:00 p.m.
Joseph 5:15-6:15 p.m.
Be ready for FUN!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lines for Auditions

Here are lines for Auditions. You do not need to memorize just practice so you feel comfortable with the words. At auditions say the lines in a big voice with lots of facial expression and excitement in your voice. The lines are from Willy Wonka because Joseph has very few speaking parts. I still want cast members in Joseph to read some lines with expression because you will need to sing with wonderful facial expression and energy. (Augustus' lines are mixed through out the script, so there isn't a page that works for him. His TV spot is a song and he speaks with German accent) 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Songs for Joseph Auditions

Feel free to sing a song from the show or one of your own choosing just sing one you are confident with and makes you sound AWESOME!!!
Narrators sing almost the entire show so I only put one song down for them.

Here are some youtube Karaoke songs from Joseph to Practice with

Close every door (Joseph)

One more angel in Heaven (Brother)

Potiphar ( Narrators and Potiphar)

Song of the King (Pharaoh)

Canaan Days ( Brother Sorry I couldn't find one with the lyrics printed)

Benjamin Calypso ( Brother Sorry I couldn't find one with the lyrics printed)