Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No Class the week of Thanksgiving

Class will not be held Wed. Nov. 26th. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Getting into the Spirit of Narnia

Here is a picture of a lamppost that Jayce made, it is awesome! I think we will use it for a model for the one in the show. Great job, way to be creative!! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ok, I was tired of posting a million videos. Here's the entire Narnia soundtrack for singing in one youtube video. Lyrics in your script! (AS Cami brings out new music, I might be able to switch it out, but you also might just want to get a cd from her.) Have fun!


Cruelie lines

Here are the lines that all cruelies need to say. 
Mother of Darkness,
Now is the time.
A King for a traitor
Pays for the crime.

Now will the age -old battle stop,
'Twixt good and evil for the top.
O fate has seen to make it thus:
The scales have tilted here to us!
His loss of life will be our gain-
With evil will this world remain,
For good upon this stone be slain!

All cruelies will chant these lines together, so learn them so you are ready.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

From the Inside Out

(Lyrics coming soon, for now look in your script  :D )

A Human to Slay


We do maimings on Mondays
To kick off the week
Which have earned perfect tens
For both style and technique
Our Boilings-in-oil
Are never humdrum
They're at Wednesdays at six;
Say you'll come

White Witch: (Spoken) Call my loyal subjects to me. They must all share this special moment!
Phantoms and Furies`
Ogres and Ghouls
Zombies and Specters
And Boggles and Cruels
Children of darkness
Attend what I say:
A human to slay
A human to slay
Vampires and Demons
Banshees and Sprites
Gorgons and Hellions
And Fetches and Frights
Servants of terror
O hear and obey:
Your queen bids you witness
This human to slay!
White Witch:
Thus shall all usurpers perish,
All who challenge my command
Quickly shall they know
The bitter justice of my hand!
Mother of coldness...
Of wormwood and gall...
We hear your summons...
And answer the call!
Show us the victim-
Where is our prey?
White Witch:
Behold you- a human!
A human to slay!

Cair Paravel Lyrics

Narnia Musical - Cair Paravel

See the great river,
Winding its way
Through the forest
Of talking trees;
Skirting the dawn-lost mountains,
Flowing league after league
'Till it meets with the sea...

I see...

Right there
Upon the hill,
A ruined castle stands.
It once was the house
Of all our glory:
Cair Paravel

Cair paravel.

Four thrones
Have waited there
The endless ages through.
They wait 
Like a half-forgotten dream
In Cair Paravel.

Cair Paravel.

Four thrones are waiting
For the promised kings 
To come,
Four thrones
That are rightfully their due.

And if you prove worthy,
Worthy and true,
Sons of Adam,
Daughters of Eve,
The four thrones are waiting
For you.

The ancient prophecy
May soon now come to pass;
This land may be as
It used to be,
A land that is proud
And glad and free,
And you may fulfill 
Your destiny
In Cair Paravel. 

Cair Paravel.

Right there,
In Cair Paravel.

Narnia music Hot and bothered

Hot and Bothered Lyrics

Narnia Musical - Hot and Bothered

White Witch:
I am not hot and bothered;
I am not in a sweat.
To be quite precise
I'm as cool as ice
I'm relaxed as I can get

I am not in a dither,
and I'm not all at sea
You might hear that somebody blew their top,
But I guarantee it wasn't me.

When I was young, I lacked perspective,
I was terrorized by fantasies and fears
As I've matured, I've grown objective
And I haven't gone to pieces in 400 years

There's no trace of a fever
There's no knocking of the knees
'Cause my farenheit 
Is exactly right 
At a perfect 32 degrees.

(Spoken) No thanks to you.
Edmund (Spoken): I'm sorry, your highness, I was just repeating what I heard.

White Witch:
These Lurid rumors are very dire,
Like an infection that taints the blood
And they can flare up like wildfire-
I won't have them, I detest them,
Those who spread them, I arrest them,
For the safety of the realm demands
I nip them in the bud!

But I'm not hot and bothered
I am not in a stew
If there's anyone 
Who should worry, son
It should probably be you!

Edmund(Spoken): Me? But, your highness, I'm only telling you what was said. 
Something about a revolution here in Narnia.

White Witch:
It can't be true- there's nothing to it-
Just malicious and seditious tommyrot
Don't lie to me! I'll make you rue it,
You hateful and ungrateful little snot!

(Spoken) What else have you heard?
Edmund (spoken): Well, they said that Aslan is back- and "on the move"- 
andhe was putting together an army... against you!
White Witch (Spoken): What? Aslan? Back? Here? On the move! Against me!

White Witch:

Take the most brutal of wolves you command,
Fly like the wind to the home of the Beavers,
That denful of traitors and Aslan believers.
Spare only the lives of the three mortal children,
Bind them in chains, bring them to me.
But as for the rest, do as you will.
Burn and destroy! Ravage and wreck!
Savage and smash!
Obliterate, Annihilate,
And Kill!

Fenris and Dwarf:
Yeah, hot and bothered is what you're not;
Not the teeniest tiny jot
You're heart ain't racin' and your
Nerves ain't shot
As far as we can see.

White Witch (Spoken): Go! Get the reindeer! We must be off!
Dwarf (Spoken): To where, your highness?
White Witch (Spoken): To the stone table. 
If Fenris doesn't chew up those Beavers, 
they'll take his rothers and sisters there to wait for... Aa... Aa... Aa...
Aslan! Aaaah!

Dwarf, Edmund, and Reindeer:
At keepin' things tranquilzed,
You're the best
A marvelous model for all the rest
Of how to stay perfectly self-possessed
Despite adversity

White Witch (Spoken): God knows I've had sufficient provocation...

White Witch:
But I'm not hot and bothered...

Dwarf, Edmund, and Reindeer:
No, she's not hot and bothered...

White Witch:
Not me...

Dwarf, Edmund, and Reindeer:
Not she...

White Witch:
Not me...

Dwarf, Edmund, and Reindeer:
Not she...
No, she's not hot and bothered...
Not she...

White Witch:
Not me!

Dwarf, Edmund, and Reindeer:
Not she!

Doors and Windows Lyrics

Narnia Musical - Doors and Windows

SUSAN (Spoken rhythmically)
Marbleton Manor, that grand mausoleum,
Holds more bric-a-brac than the British museum!
Its rooms and its galleries ramble for miles
A hodgepodge of odd architectural styles!

PETER (Likewise)
The cellars and dungeons are ancient and striking,
Most probably celtic or possibly Viking,
The mansion is Gothic in much of its feeling
(Tho' late Anglo-Norman in parts of the ceiling),
The splendid old tower is high Romanesque!
Combined with a variant version of Persian Grotesque.

LUCY (Sang)
But the windows and doors are the soul of the place
As they light shifting patterns of shadow and space
Creating a strange unforgettable aura of grimness and grace.

EDMUND (Spoken)
I don't care about windows and doors! I want to go home to London!

You don't care about windows and doors?!
Why, when I was your age, opening doors and windows gave me half my education!
Doors and windows,
Open and close!
They hide or expose
All the world to your view!

Gates and shutters,
Lock and unlock,
To beckon or block
Wonders waiting for you!

Now doors will never yield
To doubters who go around mopin'!
But if you're full of hope,
You're holdin' the key that will open

Each door and window,
Window and door,
And open new worlds to explore!
I'm not talking about architecture,
but the architecture of possibilities! Do you see?

SUSAN (Spoken)
I think I do!
Doors and windows,
Bolt and unbolt!

And only a dolt
Wouldn't want to go through!

ALL (except EDMUND)
And you will find your doors,
Wherever your destiny plops you!
For you and you alone,
Determine what spurs you or stops you!

That's it!
For if you are open inside,
Then doors and windows
Will stop you no more!

They'll swing themselves wide for you!

Stand right aside for you!

Pliantly slide for you!

Surely provide for you-

ALL (except EDMUND)
Wonderful worlds....
to explore!!!!!!!

EDMUND (Spoken)
I want to go home!!!

Following the leader

I can see jungle and sand
every inch of Neverland
I can see the pirate's caves
I can see the indian braves

We can fly we can fly we can

Following the leader the leader the leader
 we're off on an adventure to capture Indian scouts

Just march with us be part of a brotherhood
and as you march you're gonna stay young for good
we march and march cuz lost boys never grow up

We'll be boys forever forever forever
we never will abandon our merry little band
we'll never have to go home do housework or homework
 noone ever grows up not here in the neverland

following the lost boys the lost boys the lost boys
following the lost boys before they can catch us
the lost boys cannot track us they want to attack us
we wont let them attack us and so we track em thus

we're on the trail to capture the Indian scouts

we'll capture boys of that there are no doubts

we'll fight we'll win and boy we're gonna have fun

boy the boys'll be lost when native braves have
one by one on stealthy feet
well spring a trap with no retreat
cuz when the boys can't run
we've won!

Never smile at a crocodile

Never smile at a crocodile
No, you can't get friendly with a crocodile
Don't be taken in by his welcome grin
He's imagining how well you'd fit within his skin

Never smile at a crocodile
Never tip your hat and stop to talk awhile
Never run, walk away, say good-night, not good-day
Clear the aisle but never smile at Mister Crocodile


Never smile at a crocodile
Or you might get eaten by a crocodile
Yes it's true, take a look
now my hand is a hook

Clear the aisle but never smile at Mister Crocodile

You're there on a ship and Second Star to the Right

You're there on a ship the pirate ship of gallant captain hook
he's only just the cruelest man that ever was a crook
You have to sing yo ho yo ho 
and sing it whenever you come or go
cuz that's the only song we know
that pirates sing on ships

yo ho yo ho yo ho yo ho yo ho

Each story Wendy can tell is better than one in a book
Of Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle and the elegant captain Hook
The world's most famous crook

Our favorite place in the world
Is Never Never land
where boys and Indians play at war
and mermaids frolic near the shore
and every singe night
Hook and Peter fight!

"The Second Star to the Right"

The second star tot he right
wish you would show the way
where peter's stories never end no fathers to obey
the second star to the right
shines with a light that's rare
and if it's Neverland you need
it's light will take you there



Say, that's it! You think of a wonderful thought!
Any happy little thought?
Like toys at Christmas? Sleight bells? Snow?
Yep! Watch me now--here I go!
It's easier than pie!
He can fly! He can fly! He flew!
Now, you try
I'll think of a mermaid lagoon
Oh--underneath a magic moon
I'll think I'm in a pirate's cave
I'll think I'll be an Indian brave
Now, everybody try--one, two, three!
We can fly! We can fly! We can fly!
This won't do--what's the matter with you?
All it takes is faith and trust... oh!
And something I forgot--Dust!
Dust? Dust?
Yep! Just a little bit of pixie dust
Now, think of the happiest things.
It's the same as having wings
Let's all try it, just once more
Look! We're rising off the floor

You can fly! We can fly!


Watch all the flowers
Dance with the wind
Listen to snowflakes
Whisper your name
Feel all the wonder
Lifting your dreams
You can fly
Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
you believe
You'll find your wings
To your heart
Touch every rainbow
Painting the sky
Look at the magic
Glide through your life
A sprinkle of pixie
dust Circles the night
You can fly
Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
you believe
You'll find your wings
Everywhere you go
Your soul will find a home
You'll be free
To spread your wings
You can fly
To your hear