Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Allah Dance

1st time through, Thanks for all your hard work! It is going to be Awesome!!!

Best of the Worst

So Stinkin' Cute

Even the little ones are learning their songs.

Kanine Krunchies

Kanine Krunchies can't be beat
They make each meal a special treat
Happy dogs are those who eat
Nutritious Kanine Krunchies

Kanine Krunchies all contain
Selected meat and wholesome grain 
Small Chihuahua or Great Dane
All dogs love Kanine Krunchies

So, do what all the smart dogs do
And you'll feel great the whole day through
You can be a champion too
If you eat Kanine Krunchies

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

You are AWESOME!!

Pictures from Allah Sorry for the crazy angles!

Class fees

Class fees are due for Sept. you may pay at or at the rec office. If you haven't taken care of this please do so as soon as possible. Our blog address is we have important info on there also music and pictures from time to time. We will be sending out monthly emails from , we will only send one or maybe two at the most per month.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Questions about payments

The city requests that we have all payments go through the Parks and Rec either at or the rec office at 800 N Main St. 
Thanks for your support and any questions feel free to call Karma 801-494-4730

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Arabian Nights Cast

Tales from Arabian Nights
In order of Appearance
Actor 1: Karissa Davis
Actor 2: Cheyenne Davies
Actor 3: Grace Fillmore
Actor 4: Londyn Branch
Actor 5: Cameron Smith
Actor 6: Tia Lee
Shahriar: Talon Tippetts
Dalila: McKae Nielsen
Mustafa: Payton Cook
Omar: Enzo Allred
Grand Vizier: Brenden Anderson
Executioner: Alex Woidka
Rock Paper Scissors Brides: Shannon Davis, Emma Eastmond
Scared Bride: Sarah Barber
Angry Bride: Rhiannon Lovell
Beauty Queen Bride: Elizabeth Setzer
Flower Girls: Lindsey Oliverson, Sarah Snyder, Kaylie Metler, Sadie Werner
Scheherazade: Emma Butler
Dunyazad: Rian Tippetts
Scimitar: Sienna Allred
Sun & Moon: Kelly Gardner, Shaylee Burningham
Khalifah: Jason Metler
Fatimah: Paige Tomadakis
Three Children: Madeline Anderson, Zoe Lapray, Karalee Olsen
Red Genie: Meg Nelsen
Ali Baba: Dallin Smith
Kassim: Justin Butler
Morgiana: Matti Champneys
Captain: Jackson Lovell
Co Thieves: Mason Danise and Ethan Powell
Jar Thieves: Yet to be announced
40 thieves, Dancers & Chorus: Gary Roberts, Mark Champneys, Joseph Champneys, Beckham Lauritzen, Leah Ford, Kelly Moore, Bailey Bennett, Briley Hupp, Holly Cherepovich, Sydney Anderson, Aeryn Peterson, Lauren Au, Grace Forbush, Olivia Gause, Eden Smith
Mohammed: Zach Kessinger
Zubaida: Adelaide Olson
Cobra: Alex Woidka
Aladdin: Daniel Graham
Mother: Rachael Jensen
Jasmine: Piper Shick
Sultan: Spencer Fillmore
Noona: Ella Escobedo
Vizier/Magician: Robert Lapray
Slaves of the ring: Savannah Pounds, Bailey Whitehead, Lillian Woidka, Carlie Nielsen, Brianna McHoes, Savannah Slye
Blue Genie: Derek Bundy
Servant: Brooke Grant
Shukat: Caden Huish
Ming: Alivia Winkel
Speedy Messengers: Conner Brockbank, Elijah Lewis
Imp: Lauren Petersen
Goblin: Shay Ponis
Demon: Tempest Allred
Musical Chorus: Sarah Snyder, Issa Cordon, Shannon Davis, Emma Eastmond, Sarah Barber, Rhiannon Lovell, Elizabeth Setzer, Alyssa Butler, Natalie Olsen, Londyn Hupp, Camryn Marshall, Brynne Roberts, Annabelle Colton, Alissa Shelley, Eva Lauritzen, Anna Mecham, Sydnee Seeley, Kaylie Metler, Sadie Werner, Brooke Grant, Arianna Whatcott, Julia Hart
Magician Dancers: Issa Cordon, Meg Nelsen, Roxie Simpson, McKenna Murphy, Savannah Pounds, Bailey Whitehead, Lillian Woidka, Carlie Nielsen, Brianna McHoes, Savannah Slye, McKae Nielsen, Maralee Nielsen
Scimitar Dancers: Karissa Davis, Cheyenne Davies, Cameron Smith, Londyn Branch, Tia Lee,
Speciality Soloist: Arianna Whatcott, Julia Hart, Issa Cordon, Rachael Jensen, Roxie Simpson, McKenna Murphy, Maralee Nielsen

Dalmatians Cast

Cruella De Vil: Elizabeth Setzer
Roger: Michael Pulsipher
Antia: Grace Fillmore
Horace: Talon Tippetts
Jasper: Jackson Lovell
Canine Narrator 1: Harlee Huff
Canine Narrator 2: Merilynn Pulsipher
Canine Narrator 3: Maralee Nielsen
Canine Narrator 4: Matti Champneys 
Pongo: Rennan Anderson
Perdita: Makenna Dockter
Sergeant Tibbs: Lauren Petersen
London Dogs:
Boxers: Atley Painter, Toby Reinitz, Sid Smith, Joseph Champneys, Henry Pulsipher
Scotties: Morgan Ashliman, Alexis Talbert, Nada-Lynn Pulsipher, Lily Tessem, Brianna McHoes
Poodles: Kaylee Reinitz, Kaitlin Seamons, Katie Porter, Sarah Doerr
Chihuahuas:Lauren Au, Paisley Smith, Aeryn Peterson, Sydney Lane, Kira Nielsen, Karlee Baum, Lacy Moore
Dalmatian Puppies 
Patch: Ellie Jensen
Lucky: Josh Escobedo
Penny: Gwen Brockbank
Pepper: Hallie Johnson
Rollie: Nathan Miller
Freckles: Paige Bowman
Cadpig: Parker Betts
Purdy: Lily Seidel
Wizzer: Adam Bradford
Jewel: Lily Flake
Dipstick: Rylan Wilkinson
Two Tone: Celeste Perrins
Fidget: Rachel Shepherd
Spotty: Eva Dockter
Thunder: Dallin Smith
Polka: Audrey Andersen
Spot : Ella Nielsen
Dot: Belle Christensen
Dalmatian Puppies and Kanine Krunchie Dancers: Corbyn Smith, Elizabeth Scanlon, Hailey Gubler, Sulice Ihli, Kylie Potts, Rose Pulsipher, Hayden McCain, Gracie Betts, Boston Flake, Kaydance Harris, Ryatt Allen, Grace Tessem, Susannah Seidel, Ammie Kelshaw, Murry Adamson, Isabelle Binks, Lauren Schear, Hannah Smith, Parker Fillmore, Macie Smith, Sarah Seeley
Baby Dalmatian Puppies: Avery Thompson, Ava Escobedo, Rebecca Reinitz, Erin Gubler, Calvin Christensen, Alice Brockbank, Bethany Smith, Jessica Smith, James Fillmore, Kaitlyn Miller, Gracelyn Lovell, Mark Champneys
Nanny: Rian Tippetts
Police Officer: Atley Painter
Dogcatcher 1: Sid Smith
Dogcatcher 2: Toby Reinitz
Thunderbolt: Henry Pulsipher
Badnogoodnic 1: Atley Painter
Badnogoodnic 2: Sid Smith
Badnogoodnic 3: Toby Reinitz
Badnogoodnic 4: Joseph Champneys

Classes Start Today!!

Dalmatians 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Arabian Nights 5:15 to 6:30 p.m.
Both classes are held at Larsen Elementary
See you there!!