Friday, July 18, 2014

Narnia Speaking parts list

Aslan: The Great Lion of Narnia
White Witch: The evil Queen of Narnia
Peter Pevensie: An English boy, about 13
Susan Pevensie: Peter's Sister, about 12
Edmund Pevensie: Their younger brother, about 10
Lucy Pevensie: Their younger sister, about 9
Professor Digory Kirke: The children's Uncle
Mrs. MacReady: Housekeeper at Marbleton Manor
Mr. Beaver: “Cockney” Beaver, loyal subject of Aslan
Mrs. Beaver: “Cockney” Beaver, loyal subject of Aslan
Dwarf: One of the White Witch's Minions
Fenris Ulf: Head of the White Witch's Secret Police
Ryweth: Second in command Secret Police
Tumnus: A Faun
Father Christmas: Santa Claus
White Stag: Harbinger of Luck/portent of change in Narnia
Reindeer: White Witch's Minions 
Fox: Good Narnian
Squirrel: Good Narnian
Dryad: Good Narnian
Owl: Good Narnian
Unicorn: Good Narnian
Dog: Good Narnian
Eagle: Good Narnian
Bull: Good Narnian
Leopard: Narnian
Wolves: Secret Police
Specter: Bad Narnian
Hag: Bad Narnian
Boggle: Bad Narnian
Zombie: Bad Narnian
Ogre: Bad Narnian
Gorgon: Bad Narnian
Second Hag: Bad Narnian
Cruelie: Bad Narnian
Second Cruelie: Bad Narnian
Third Cruelie: Bad Narnian
Fourth Cruelie: Bad Narnian
First Statue: Solo
Secound Statue: Solo
Fourth Statue: Solo
Fifth Statue: Solo
Sixth Statue: Solo
Specialty Dancers

Chorus: Good and Bad Narnians

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Peter Pan Jr. Speaking Parts List

CAPTAIN HOOK The dangerous villain who seeks revenge on Peter Pan for the loss of his hand. Solo
JOHN The middle Darling child who acts quite mature for his age. He is a smart, analytical thinker. Solo

MICHAEL The youngest Darling child and baby brother to Wendy and John. He is sensitive and playful. Solo

MR. DARLING The Darling children’s father. He is a moody, pompous man who has an extremely caring heart underneath.

MRS. DARLING The mother of Wendy, John and Michael. She is wise and sensible, the calming opposite to Mr. Darling’s fussing.

NANA a canine nursemaid to the Darling children. She cannot speak but takes very good care of Wendy, John and Michael.

PETER PAN The boy who wouldn’t grow up. He is a hotheaded, adventurous adolescent who is also very caring. Solo

WENDY The eldest Darling child and a gifted storyteller. Solo

SMEE Captain Hook’s right-hand man and the show’s comic relief. The role of Smee is another opportunity to showcase a comedic performer alongside Captain Hook.

THE CROCODILE Ate Captain Hook’s hand and is now following him to eat the rest. This is a non-speaking role, and the actor playing this character can become part of the ensemble for other group numbers.

TINKER BELL Peter Pan’s fairy. She is full-size and able to speak English when talking to the audience, but two inches tall and only able to speak through bells while in scenes. Solo
THE FAIRIES Solos Tinker Bell’s friends whom she has roped into telling the story.
Silvermist is sweet and supportive.
Rosetta has southern charm.
Fawn is spunky and fun.
Iridessa is the most cautious and sensible.
Lyria is delicate and inquisitive.
Vidia can’t believe she has to put up with being in someone else’s story.

CHIEF TIGER BAMBOO The leader of the native population on Never Land.

TIGER LILY The Indian Chief’s daughter. She is a strong and proud young woman, so look for a performer who is a confident and comfortable on stage.
THE INDIANS The native inhabitants of Never Land. They include Brave Pine, Brave Oak and Brave Shrub.

THE LOST BOYS Peter Pan’s faithful gang. They are fellow orphans and incredibly loyal to their leader. The Lost Boys include Cubby, Skunk, Foxy, Hop and the Raccoon Twins. Solos

THE MERMAIDS also native to Never Land and live in Mermaid Lagoon. They very friendly to Peter but resentful of Wendy when she arrives. The mermaids include Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella and Allana. Solos

THE PIRATES Captain Hook’s rough gang of henchmen. They are mean and gruff characters that do Captain Hook’s bidding. They include Jukes, Flint, Cookson, Murphy, Noodler and Skylights. Solos

Fall Classes

We are getting things in place for Fall classes. Registration begins Aug. 4th online at Spanish Fork Parks and Rec. Letters will go out to students right after the 24th of July watch your mailbox! I will post info and parts available in the next few days. Be sure to share all the info with friends, remember the more the merrier! Be working on a song for auditions! See you SOON!!