Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School Performances

We are hoping to get at least two school performances for Annie and two for Robin Hood. The best way for us to get a school to come and see the shows are to e-mail each student's teacher and let them know that they have a student in the production. So we would like each Elementary aged child to let us know what school they attend and who their teacher is and we will invite them to come and see the shows. Just leave a post with this info, we will also have a list at class.
Thanks so much!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cast lists for Annie and Robin Hood

Annie Green Cast

Pepper- Myra Lomax

July- Karissa Davis

Duffy -Kayla Atwood

Kate- Sophia Jones

Annie-Ashley Galura

Molly- Paige Tomadakis

Tessie- Kaitlyn Harris

Orphans, Specialty people in NYC:

Valentina Heyn

Jentri Harris

Avery Larsen

Chloe Davis

Tory Crane

Sara Bradford

Lydia Bradford

Grace Fillmore

Sissy Hansen

Sydney Money

Savanah Slye

Emma Argyle

Jaycee Taylor

Cameron Smith

Malorie Harris

Delaney Christensen

Piper Shick

Olivia Dunkley

Erica Poulson

Riley Matsuoka

Gracey Payne

Halley Payne

Katlyn Swan

Lauren Jones

Madisyn Lott

Ella Escobedo

Annie Yellow Cast

Pepper- Allison Ells

July- Emily Ells

Duffy- Julianna Keele

Kate- Hailey Cuff

Annie- McKenzie Oyler

Tessie- Heather Ells

Molly- Cambrie Oyler

Orphans, Specialty people in NYC:

Sydnee Shepherd

Samantha Moos

Harlee Huff

Taylor Falkner

Megan Kay

Isabelle Nielson

Saige Sorensen

Cheyenne Davies

Brielle Robertson

Maralee Nielson

Kristin Harris

Caitlyn Thomas

Hannah Wright

Tessa Clayton

Natalie Kuhni

Tempest Allred

Tia Lee

Claire Walker

Brayden Adamson

Kensie Huff

Morgan Ashliman

AJ Huff

Belle Christensen

The Following Perform with both Green and Yellow Casts:

Miss Hannigan- Annie Jensen

Bundles McCloskey- Jacob Harvey

Apple Seller- Hannah Oeser

Dog Catcher- Marshayla Nielsen

Sandy- Riley Matsuoka, Brayden Adamson

Lt. Ward- Nate Taylor

Grace Farrell- Aubree Head

Drake- Jacob Harvery

Cecille- Amanda Gould

Annette- Samantha Nulty

Mrs. Greer- Haley Jones

Mrs. Pugh- McKenna Walker

Oliver Warbucks- Jaden Jensen

Star-to-be- Marinda Jones

Man in Brownstone Window

Usherette- Rachel Peterson

Radio Announcer- McKae Nielson

Rooster Hannigan- Taylor McEntire

Lily St.Regis- Necia Poulsen

Sound effects people- Danielle Gardner, Makenzie Facer, McKella Bunn

Bert Healy- Nathan Taylor

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt- Robert Jensen

Louis Howe

Broylin Sisters Kelsie Richards, Koralee Walker, Tani Lee, Sienna Allred

Servants & Specialty people in NYC: Rachel Peterson, Amanda Gould, Samantha Nulty, Hannah Oeser, Haley Jones, Marinda Jones, Marshayla Nielson, Sienna Allred, Tani Lee, Koralee Walker, Kelsie Richards, Danielle Gardner, Makenzie Facer, McKella Bunn, McKae Nielson, McKenna Walker, Mari Lawson, Bailey Johnson, Ashtyn Day, Baylin Bradford, Bailey Wilde, Tory Crane

Robin Hood Tales of Ye Merry Woode

Alan-a-Dale- Scott Jensen

Will Scarlet- Robert Jensen

Little John-Jacob Harvey

Robin Hood-Zach McEntire


Friar Tuck-Dane Robertson

Arthur a Bland- Cole Huntsman


Sheriff-Caden Mustoe

Gilbert-Brandon Bundy

Goose-Taylor McEntire

Maid Marian-Marinda Jones

Lady Beatrice-Tani Lee

Lady Anne-Kelsie Richards

Lady Gwen-Sienna Allred

Lady Beth-Koralee Walker

Prince John-Adam Keele

Lady Kate-Mercedes Allred

Page Todd- McKay Hicken

Page Tom- Corbin Jensen

Cook-Samantha Nulty

Mary-Cheyanne Bushman

Mathilda-Rachel Hicken

Ron-T J Oswald

Josh-Keaton Adamson


Potter- Sky Hansen

Isabel- Hannah Oeser

Sue- Sydnee Westwood

Sadie- McKenna Walker

Suzanne- Elizabeth Facer

Shiela- Sierra Lyman


Timmy-Jeremy Hansen

Tommy-Jorge Ventura

Widow-Chelsey Westwood

Heidi- Tempest Allred

Henry- Jaden Christensen

Hank- Isaac Pickett

Mervin--Danae Stephens

Marvin--Jordanne Green

Bishop of Hereford-Nathan Taylor

George- Jack Setzer

King Richard--True King of England

Villagers, Merry Men or Guards: Garett Worthen, Ashlyn Alger, Ashlyn Westwood, Enzo Allred, Kaylee Alger, Anna Larson, Mason Dansie, Rachel Jensen, Nicole Kuhni, Elizabeth Setzer, Annie Jensen, Scott Nielsen, Harrison Christensen

Casting the shows today

Wow this has been incredibly difficult! We so many TALENTED youth, I could have easily cast 7 different sets of Orphans. Just want you all to remember that you will have a wonderful time even if you don't get a lead. So please know that I think you are all Fabulous! So many things go in to casting and it is the hardest thing we do. I will post the cast lists by Midnight Sept. 15th. I will try to post as soon as I can. We have decided to have two complete casts of Orphans. We are going to double our performances so that each will have equal time to perform. We thought it would be better for giving each child a place in the spotlight!
P.S. you can always call with any questions. 801-494-4730