Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dance and song groups

Everyone will be in either D or L Groups. These are the dance and musical numbers and how they will be divided up. This is a crazy big production and the singing and dancing are the main parts of this show. So everyone is in at least 10 Different musical numbers. 
Dance numbers
D Group                                                                     
Doors and Windows                              
Hot and Bothered                                          
White Stag Brings Spring             
Murder Today                                    
The Sacrifice 
 L Group  
At Last It is Christmas
Field of Flowers   
Procession of the Narnians
Cair Paravel  
Catch Me if You Can  
Deep Magic
First Battle
Victory Battle
The Days Danced By
To Make the World Right
Small Groups and Specialty Dances
Turkish Delight
You Can't Imagine
All of These
From the Inside Out

L Group
Brandon B
Dallin S
Daniel G
Hannah W
Adelaid O
Michael P
Amanda G
Jayce K
Meg N
Rian T
Rachael J
Kayli C
Tempest A
Merilynn P
Matti C
Sydney M
Ashtyn D
Maralee N
Raelynn M
Rachel W
Henry P
Emma B
Lillian W
Ariana W
Eden S
Kensie H
Morgan A
Naiya G
Josh L
Ella E
Grace M
Leah J
Joseph C
McKinzie C
Kayla H
Makayla E
Derek B
Andy H

Group D
Shay Ponis
Courtney Eckhart
Jackson L
Talon T
Karissa D
Rebecca B
Alex W
Brittany G
Stanley S
Rhiannon L
Elizabeth S
Zoey E
Justin B
Carlie N
Morgan R
Sienna A
Nada-Lynn P
Sierra L
Macie S
Grace F
Roxie S
Brynne R
Sarah W
Lindsey O
Abby K
Erica B
Shalee B
Savanna R
Robby L
Shannon D
Garett W
Isaac P
Sarah S
Enzo A
Zach K
Elijah L

Narnia Cast

Aslan: Brandon Bundy
White Witch: Shay Ponis & Courtney Eckhardt
Peter Pevensie: Dallin Smith
Susan Pevensie: Hannah Wright
Edmund Pevensie: Daniel Graham
Lucy Pevensie: Adelaid Olson
Professor Digory Kirke: Michael Pulsipher
Mrs. MacReady: Karissa Davis & Elizabeth Setzer
Mr. Beaver: Jayce Komiya
Mrs. Beaver: Matti Champneys & Emma Butler
Dwarves: Zach Kessinger, Elijah Lewis
Polar bear w/witch Isaac Pickett
Fenris Ulf: Jackson Lovell
Ryweth: Justin Butler
Tumnus: Kayli Champneys & Rachael Jensen
Father Christmas: Talon Tippetts
White Stag: Rachel Wasden
Reindeer: Leah Jensen, Naiya Gardner, Sarah Wessman, Grace Marsh
Fox: Enzo Allred
Squirrel 1: Lindsey Oliverson
Squirrel 2: Morgan Ashliman
Dryad: Eden Smith
Pup: Derek Bundy
Kitten: Ella Escobedo
Bunny: Alyssa Butler
Bird: Josh Levie
Lamb: Joseph Champneys
Mouse: Kayla Huish
Fawn: McKinzie Cook
Owl: Stanley Skinner
Unicorn: Kensie Huff
Bull: Talon Tippetts 
1 Leopard: Amanda Gould
2 Leopard: Sydney Money
Wolves: Alex Woidka, Robby Lapray, Garett Worthen
Specter: Robby Lapray
Hag: Brittany Gardner
Boggle: Morgan Roberts
Zombie: Garett Worthen
Ogre: Sid Smith
Gorgon: Alex Woidka
Second Hag: 
Cruelie: Sienna Allred
Second Cruelie: Shannon Davis
Third Cruelie: Rhiannon Lovell
Fourth Cruelie: Carlie Nielsen
Cruelie 5: Rebecca Butler
Cruelie 6: Sarah Snyder
Cruelie 7: Zoey Eckhardt
Ghoul: Sara Wessman
First: Statue: Nada-Lynn Pulsipher
Second Statue: Lillian Woidka
Third Statue: Ariana Whatcott
Fourth Statue: Maralee Nielsen
Fifth Statue: Merilynn Pulsipher
Sixth Statue: Meg Nelson
Specialty Dancers: Brandon Bundy, Meg Nelson, Sienna Allred, (Matti Champneys or Emma Butler when they are not Mrs. beaver) Roxie Simpson, Talon Tippetts, Michael Pulsipher, Rachael Jensen, Kayli Champneys
Chorus: Narnian Animals
Sierra Liggett
Macie Smith
Grace Forbush
Roxie Simpson
Brynne Roberts
Abby Kay
Erica Bramall
Shalee Burningham
Mikayla Evans
Andy Herget
Henry Pulsipher

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Peter Pan Jr. Cast!!!

Great bunch of youth, we are going to have a GREAT year and show!
Captain Hook Talon Tippetts
John Mason Dansie
Michael Nathan Porter
Mr. Darling & pirate Brenden Anderson
Mrs. Darling & pirate Tori Crane
Nana & pirate Natalie Olsen
Peter Pan Jason Metler
Wendy Grace Filmore
Smee Joseph Barber
The Crocodile
Tinker Bell Mikayla Robins Cameron Smith
Silvermist Sienna Allred Tia Lee
Rosetta Emily Miller McKenna Murphy
Fawn Cheyenne Davies Emma Butler
Iridessa Maralee Nielson Alivia Winkel
Lyria Harlee Huff Isabelle Nielson
Vidia Matti Champneys Piper Shick
Chief Tiger Bamboo Tyler Payne
Tiger Lily Julia Hart
Brave Pine Caden Huish
Brave Oak Kevin Young
Brave Shrub Billy Hall
Indian Maidens
Katelin Bingham
Shanae Orton
Karlee Baum
Lily Flake
Sydney Anderson
Bethany Bradford
Issa Cordon
Lily Komiya
Sadie Werner
Lacy Moore
Alissa Shelley
Natalie Olsen
Lost Boys
Cubby Josh Escobedo
Skunk Landon Worthen
Foxy Austin Smith
Hop Derek Bundy
Raccoon Twins Adam Bradford Ashton Cook
Tootles Joseph Champneys
Nibs Seth Hall
Pickle Parker Betts
Ace Levi Zapata
Curly Nick Nielsen
Belle Christensen
Kira Nielsen
Ella Nielsen
Madeline Anderson
Elizabeth Scanlon
Hayden McCain
Zoe Lapray
Hailey Gubler
Celeste Perrins
Kelly Moore
Hannah Frost
Kelsie Beck
The Mermaids and Pirates
Aquata McKae Nielsen
Andrina Savanah Slye
Arista Kayli Champneys
Atina Lauren Petersen
Ariel Maddie Ross
Anisha Brianna McHoes
Abrielle Savannah Pounds
THE Pirates
Flint Katana Jensen
Murphy Audrey Justice
Cookson Brooke Grant
Skylights Madison Porray
Jukes Emily Porter
Noodler Ariana Whatcott
Gunpower Gertie Morgan Reid
Walker Deplank Paige Tomadakis
Calico Jack Kelly Gardner
Bones Bailey Whitehead

Sarah Doerr