Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spotlight Of The Week "Jitterbug"

Our students are working hard on the Jitterbug number. It is crazy fun, and quite a challenge. The video shows that they are coming along just fine. Thanks again to all who have joined the blog.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thanks for checking out our blog! Please become a follower so we can keep you current on all information about Youtheatre. If you haven't already please register with Spanish Fork Parks and Recreation. There are two ways you can do this, in person at 775 North Main or online at

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We are sooo excited that we have the show cast this far! It was one of the hardest casting I have ever had to do. Your children are so talented, I could have cast it a hundred different ways.
Not all parts are cast yet we will be finishing those in the next couple of weeks.
Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion if you could come to class from 4:00 to 6:00 from now on.
Thanks everybody for being such good actors and actress!
Wizard of OZ Cast List
Dorothy: Marinda Jones
Scarecrow: Zach McEntire
Tinman: Stephen Higley
Lion: Adam Keele
Witch: Sarah Liebing
Aunt Em: Isabell Rennie / Amber Dowling
Uncle Henry: Jacob Harvey
Zeke: Jaden Jensen
Hickory: Bridger Palfreyman
Hunk: Sam Barber
Miss Gultch: Ashlin Hansen
Professor:Daniel Barber
Glinda: Aubee Head
Mayor: Taylor McEntire
Coroner: Shanon Dowling
Barrister: Caleb Delaney
City Council 1: Keaton Adamson
City Council 2:
Aubrey Guymond
City Council 3: Rachel Hicken
City Council: Ben Barber
Tough Kids: Derek Blanthorn, Harrison Christensen, Jeremy Hansen,
Enzo Allred, Jorge Ventura
Braggart: Lennon Murray
School Teacher 1: Myra Lomax & Sierra Lyman
School Teacher 2: Harlee Huff & Hailee Smith
Several Munchkins: Ashlee Allan, Julia Delaney, Taylor Faulkner,
Rachel Hancock, Valentina Heyn, Julianna Keele, Sarah Kelly, Emily Pope,
Savannah Slye, McCall Tippets, Victoria Viramontes, Hannah Wright
Poppie Dancers
More Cut Cut
City Guard: Caden Mustoe
2 Oz Men
2 Oz Women
Winkie General: Sam Barber
Nikko: Brandon Bundy
Jitterbug lead
Wizard: Nathan Taylor
Ashlee Allan,
Erica Allan,
Enzo Allred,
Tempest Allred,
Morgan Ashliman,
Derek Blanthorn,
McKenna Bundy,
Harrison Christensen,
Sadee Delaney,
Eden Durham,
Ella Escobedo,
Grace Fillmore,
Jeremy Hansen,
Kensie Huff,
Caitlin Johnson,
Shaelynn Johnson,
Natalie Kuhni,
Tia Lee,
Kira Nielsen,
Brynlee Smith,
Caitlin Thomas,
Jorge Ventura,
Claire Walker,
Sadie Werner,
Sydnee West
Apple Trees, Poppies, Ozians, Jitterbugs, Winkies, Girls Chorus:
Rachel Peterson,
Kayla Koyle,
Kassadi Adamson,
Samantha Nulty,
Mercedes Allred,
Caitlyn Nixon,
Koralee Walker,
Annie Jensen,
Lauren Davis,
Chelsea Allen
Cut cuts, Poppies, Ozians, Jitterbugs, Winkies, Girls Chorus:
Ashlin Hansen,
Amber Dowling,
Tracy Grubler,
Kelsie Richards,
Isabell Rennie
Amanda Gould,
Sienna Allred,
Tani Lee,
Hannah Oeser,
Aubree Head
CutCut, Poppies, Ozians, Jitterbugs, Winkies, Girls Chorus:
McKenna Walker,
Danielle Gardner,
Alyssa Porter,
McKella Bunn,
Makenzie Facer,
MaiLia Pohahau
Lullaby tots, Munchkins, Snow Kids, Girls Chorus, Ozians, Jitterbugs, Winkies:
Paige Tomadakis,
Tori Crane,
Delaney Christensen,
Sydnee Shepherd,
Saige Sorensen,
Cheyenne Davies,
Lullaby Tots, Munchkins:
Tempest Allred,
Tia Lee,
Eden Durham,
Ella Escobedo,
Munchkins, snowkids, Girls Chorus, Ozians, Jitterbugs, Winkies:
Cameron Smith,
McCall Tippets,
Sarah Kelly,
Savannah Slye,
Munchkins, Poppies, Ozians, Jitterbugs, Winkies, Girls Chorus:
Julia Delaney,
Stevie Tate,
Rachel Hicken,
Myra Lomax,
Sierra Lyman,
Hailee Smith,
Aubrey Guymon,
Valentina Heyn,
Lennon Murray,
Victoria Viramontes,
Rachel Hancock,
Emily Allan
Emily Pope
Harlee Huff
Shannon Dowling
Julianna Keele,
Hannah Wright
Taylor Faulkner
Crows, Ozians, Winkies, Jitterbugs:
Jaden Jensen,
Nathan Keele,
Caden Mustoe,
Taylor McEntire,
Nathan Taylor,
Jacob Harvey,
Sam Barber,
Bridger Palfreyman,
Daniel Barber,
Monkeys, Ozians, Ghosts, Some Munchkins, Poppies:
Robert Jensen,
Ben Barber,
Caleb Delaney
Clayton Hansen,
Burton Losee,
David Nulty,
Keaton Adamson,
TJ Oswald
Taylor McEntire,
Nathan Keele
Kyler Nelson,
Joseph Barber,
Conner Campbell,
Dallin Smith,
James Nulty,
EJ Pohahau,
Brandon Bundy

Monday, September 7, 2009

First day of class!

We are so excited about the numbers of children with FANTASTIC talent that registered and auditioned for this years play Wizard Of Oz! We will see all you on September 9th. The munchkins will be from 4:00 till 4:45 and everyone 9 and up from 4:45 till 6:00
see ya wednesday!