Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer Workshop "Alice in Wonderland"

Come and join Spanish Fork Youtheatre as we travel with Alice through Wonderland. You will meet an exciting cast of characters, a garden full of beautiful flowers that welcome Alice, until they think that she is a weed and sends her away. Alice then joins a group of crazy birds that help her dry off by running in a caucus race. Of course you will meet some old favorites, White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and the sleepy Dormouse. You will enjoy a great laugh with the Cheshire cat, Twiddle-dee and Dum, the Caterpillar and more. Alice almost loses her head when she meets up with a deck of cards and the Queen of Hearts finds out they have been painting the roses red. Alice in Wonderland is full of fun, dancing, singing. You will have a "Wonder"ful time participating in this years summer work shop! Online registrations begin May 9th at Alice in Wonderland will be directed by Karma Christensen, she is assisted by Heather Allred, Cami Jensen and Laura Brockbank. Any questions please feel free to call and talk to Karma 801-494-4730