Sunday, August 30, 2015

The shows are almost CAST

What a great bunch of youth we have this year. We have been working hard to get everyone in a good part! We have just a few more parts to work out. We will announce parts on the first day of class which is Sept. 2nd. Dalmatians starts at 4:00 ends at 5:00 p.m. and Arabian Nights 5:15 to 6:30. Be on time!! We will see you there it is going to be an incredible year!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Auditions are over

We had a great bunch of youth come to auditions! It is going to be really hard casting the shows because there are so many talented actors and actresses to choose from. If you didn't get to auditions and are registered for the class don't worry we will make sure you have a part! We hope to have the shows cast by the first day of class on Sept. 2nd. Remember Dalmatians class time is 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. and Arabian Nights 5:15 to 6:30 p.m. We are going to have a Fabulous time this year!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Auditions Start Tomorrow

Hey everyone the first round of auditions start tomorrow Thurs. Aug. 20th and Next week Wed. Aug. 26th. Remember to come one of those days. You will need to read and talk to Karma (everyone needs to do that) if you want to try for a main speaking part or singing role be ready with a song. We want as many as possible to read, sing and dance so you can have the best part possible!! As soon as you have finished all three you may go home. And then classes start on Sept. 2nd.
Good luck or break a leg to everyone!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Audition Dates and Times

Hey everyone, Auditions will be held Thurs. Aug. 20th and Wed. Aug. 26th at Larsen Elementary. You only need to come one of those days. Come between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. and you can leave as soon as you have sung, danced and read. Any questions please feel free to call Karma 801-494-4730 Classes will start Wed. Sept 2nd.
Thanks See you soon!!!

Ideas to Help you with Auditions

Things we are looking for.
When I have you read lines during Auditions, I am looking for a BIG, Clear voice. One I can understand and hear. I am also looking for sparkle! I want to hear in your voice energy and expression. I also looking for facial expression. 

When we listen to you sing we are listening for how clear your voice is and if you stay on pitch. And also if your range (how high or low you can sing) fits into the range of specific parts. 

Dancing Auditions we are looking for those who can move and dance for specialty numbers or parts. 

We have a list of lines that you can practise for Audition here on the blog. And if you are wanting to audition for a singing role please come prepared with a song of your choice. Any song you know well and have practised that will highlight your talents. 

Remember that not everyone will be the lead. But that does not mean you are not good. It means that the person who gets the lead fits Size, speaking, singing and dancing the best this time. And as always some of the best parts are the supporting roles!! 

Good Luck!! and what ever part you get it is going to be a GREAT Year!!!

Audition Lines for Tales from the Arabian Nights

Scheherazade, Captian of Thieves Ali Baba
Scheherazade:Again the great stone parted for the Captain and his thugs.
Captain: Shut Sesame!
Ali Baba: Fantastic!
Captain: Who's the toughest, roughest, roughest gang of thieves in all of Persia?
Thief: We Are!
Captain: And who can trash a caravan in only fifteen minutes?
Thief: We can!
Captain: Wand Who's got more loot stashed inside this cave than the King of Siam has piled in his palace?
Thief: We do???
Captian: You bet we do! Follow Sesame!
Scheherazade: And once the thieves were finally over the horizon, Ali Baba's curiosity overcame his fear and he tried the magic words himself....
Ali Baba: Open Sesame. Ahhh! Look at all that gold!
Scheherazade: Ali Baba then filled the bags he brought for wood with gold coins.
Ali Baba: Open Sesame, please. They'll never miss this small amount, and I was very cautious. A few from this pile, and few from that. Now, shut sesame! Open...ah Open Sesame. Shut sesame. Open halfway sesame. Shake Sesame. That's fantastic!
Scheherazade: So Ali Baba walked home that day richer than he'd ever dreamt of being.

Actors, Scheherazade, Scimitar
Actor 1: While Scheherazade unraveled marvels and fantastic occurrences....
Actor 2: Of genies and beggars.....
Actor 3: Whirling dervishes and royalty....
Actor4: of unimagined riches and unparalleled adventure....
Chorus: A new tale every night to entertain the Sultan....
Scheherazade: But these stories accomplished more than that...
Actor1: They brought the Sultan back to his senses....
Actor 2: His sense of Justice...
Actor 3: His sense of Humor....
Actor 4: Even his common sense.....
Scheherazade: and the scimitar was not aware of the Sultan's recovery....
Scimitar: Sassoon, Schhhhh-eherazade, you will run out of sssstoriessss.
Scheherazade: And she did.
Scimitar: At lassssst!
Actor 1: On the thousand and first night.....
Actor 2: Scheherazade arrived at her Final tale.......
Scheherazade: Shukat and the Princess Ming.

Audition Lines for Dalmatians

Well, if it isn't our neighbor Cruella De Vil come to pay us a visit!
What on earth is all that racket? How am I ever going to get my beauty sleep???
Beauty sleep???
Did she say beauty sleep?
That's a laugh!!!(The PUPPIES snicker, but PERDITA's bark quietly quiets them. ANITA tries to divert CRUELLA's attention.)

Roger Anita Cruella
Why Cruella, what a lovely fur!
Do you like it? It's a genuine one-of-a-kind and cost ooooodles of pounds! Now I have almost completed my collection of every kind of fur coat in the entire world!
It's ... lovely. And I am terribly sorry about the noise. Really, the puppies mean no harm at all. 
Well, just be sure the puppies don't do it again! I don't want the yowls and growls of spotted little furry creatures … (inspiration dawns)
Spotted little furry creatures …
(embracing the puppies)
Why, I don't think I've quite seen anything like them. Look at the depth! Look at the patterns! Why, they're practically works of art!
And just what I need to complete my collection!
You know what? I've changed my mind. I've been without a pet long enough. No one to play with. I can't wait to wear …
(catches herself)
... I mean,
care for all the little puppies. I'll buy the whole litter! How much?
Oh, I'm afraid we can't give them up. Poor Perdita would be heartbroken!
Anita, don't be ridiculous. You can't possibly afford to keep them. You can scarcely afford to feed yourselves. (chuckles, ripping off a check) Here's a hundred for the lot.
Cruella, we're not selling the puppies.
Oh, surely, you must be joking. (rips another check) Two hundred!
No, no, no. I - I - I mean it.
Fine, you've forced my hand.(rips another check) Three zillion pounds. And that's my final offer!
I'm sorry, Cruella.(takes a breath, mustering his resolve)
We are not selling a single one.
(ROGER rips the check, and hands them back to CRUELLA.)
Why you horrid man. You ... you ... All right. Keep the little beasts for all I care. Do as you like with them. Drown them. But I warn you, I'll get even. Just wait. You'll be sorry! You fools! You ... you ... nincompoops!(CRUELLA storms out. The DOGS bark after her.)
Cruella Horace Jasper
What do you mean we've run out of fur! We can't have run out of fur! This pattern calls for a muff and boots! I want my matching muff and boots!
Blimey, Cruella! We've brought up every Dalmatian puppy in all of London!
And there are no more for sale in a hundred miles of here!
(laughing wickedly) Who said anything about a sale? My muff and boots are living right next door ...
But I thought that couple with all the dogs was living next door.
Exactly, you nincompoop!
You mean ...
That's right! I think it's time we pay dear Roger and Anita another visit. Come along, boys. It's time to make our plans ..
Don't you nincompoops get it? The puppies are supposed to stay safe inside. But how can they resist, once they hear their favorite song ...
"Row, Row, Row Your Boat"?
"Happy Birthday to You"?
No, no, no, you dolts!!!!(CRUELLA holds the Krunchies right up to the faces of HORACE and JASPER.)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!(CRUELLA's wicked laugh quickly changes to a mortified scream as she realizes that the PUPPIES have escaped.) Aaaaaaaaah! My puppies! My puppies!!!
Hey, Horace! Look. They're gone. They flew the coop.
Well, don't just stand there, you idiots! After them!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Classes Filling Up

Arabian Nights is completely full!! As of yesterday there were about 20 spots left in Dalmatians hurry and register if you haven't already!! It is going to be an AWESOME year!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Classes are Filling up Fast

Hey everyone I just talked to the City and there are only 15 spots available in Arabian Nights and 29 in 101 Dalmatians. Don't miss out!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sign Ups Start Tomorrow

Hey everyone registration starts tomorrow. Classes have been filling up fast the last couple of sign ups! Don't miss out on the show you want to be in register early! Register at