Friday, June 19, 2015

Robin Hood!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Robin Hood, it was a fun show!! The kids did an awesome job, they sang like crazy!! Thanks have a great summer! We will post info about fall registrations soon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Robin Hood Cast List (Sorry it took so long)

Mrs. Dale- Merilyn Pulsipher
Barney- Mariah Acuna
Sue – Rachel Schmutz
Sarah – Kara Peterson
Pat – Camryn Marshal
Marilyn – Audrey Justice
Bonnie – Kiersten Stephens
Bill – Conner Brockbank
Tony - Keaton McLaughlin
Barbara – Courtney Bird
Mattie – Aeris Eastland
Betty – Lilly Flake
Brenda – Eva Lauritzen
Peter – Sarah Doerr
Jill – Alissa Shelley
Jack - Carter Brandon
Mary - Halle Strong
Larry & King Richard – Talen Stephens
Minstrels 1 Matti Champneys 2 Cheyenne Davies 3 Tia Lee 4 Nada-Lynn Pulsipher
Connie – Nathan Miller
Court Jester – Derek Bundy
Shopkeeper – Sarah Doerr
Candle Maker – Kensie Huff
Village Idiot – Elizabeth Petersen
Serf – Adelaide Olson
Sheriff – Elizabeth Setzer
Baker – Katana Jensen
Blacksmith – Natalie Olson
Susan – Syney Anderson
Sally – Adam Harwood
Sadie – Caitlyn Harman
Steven – Parker Chappell
Butcher – Adyson Dorough
Villager 1 – Paisley Bryan
Villager 2 – Gwen Brockbank
Prince John – Michael Pulsipher
Sir Hiss – Eden Durham
Maid Marion – Savannah Pounds
Maid 1 – Erica Orton
Maid 2 – Brianna McHoes
Little John – Thomas Stephens
Robin Hood – Thomas Durham
Friar Tuck - Gardner Davis
Merry Man Fred – Henry Pulsipher
Merry Man Frank – Tanner Fraser
Villager 3 – Jolie Davis
Villager 4 – Addie Davis
Villager 5 – Larrisa Thomas
Villager 6 – Cora Hansen
Merry Man Bert – Joseph Champneys
Merry Man Ernie – Daxton White
Merry Man Nigel – Joshua Fraser
Merry Man Bob – Zane Foussat
Merry Man Bill - Evan H
Guard – Kaleb Sanders
Guard 2 - Rylan Wilkinson
Villager 7 – Alexa Little
Villager 8 – Helen W
Townsfolk 1 – Mason Brandon
Townsfolk 2 – Tyler Raymond
Townsfolk 3 – Gwen Justice
Townsfolk 4 – Sulice Ihli
Irate Villager – Adyson Dorough
Even Irater Villager – Kensie Huff
Iratest Villager – Emily Haroldsen
Irate Beyond Description Villager – Rachel Pounds
Vicious & Irate Villager Camryn Marshall
No Longer Irate Villager Alivia Winkel
Philosophical Villager - Ella Welsch
Joyful Villager – Kamry Clement
Poetic Villager – Alivia Winkel
Festive Villager Paige Bowman Hailey Gubler Hayden McCain Madelynn McLaughlin
All: Madeline Anderson, Mark Champneys, Erin Gubler, Kaitlyn Miller, Shanae Orton, Christian Petersen, Katherine Petersen, Rose Pulsipher, Mia Stevenson, Summer Taylor, Alice Fraser

Guards for fight scene: Kara Peterson, Elizabeth Petersen, Katana Jensen, Sarah Doerr, Kensie Huff, Adelaide Olson, Audrey Justice, Aeris Eastman, Jolie Davis, Paige Bowman

Merry Men that take the money to King Richard: Mark Champneys, Adam Harwood, Christian Petersen, Nathan Miller, Tyler Raymond

Monday, June 8, 2015

Robin Hood

School Bell
Mrs. Dale: Attention class, settle down. Didn't any of you hear that bell? Children, class has started.
Barney: Children?
Mrs. Dale: Please take out your history books.
Sue: Awww history, C'mon teach.
Sarah: Have a heart.
Pat: History books! Yucch! I'll bet they didn't have history books in Robin Hood's time.
Marilyn: Only because they didn't have much history.
Bonnie: Robin Hood probably couldn't read anyway.
Bill: Well, I bet they didn't have school bells.
Mrs. Dale: Now childr... I mean students, class has started. Please open your books to.. (Tony stands on chair and pretends to shoot an arrow) Tony, does your mother let you do that on your furniture at home?
Tony: Yes.
Barbara: (Raising hand) Mrs. Dale, my dad says Robin Hood's just a big fairy tale. He's not... is he?
Mrs. Dale: Robin Hood is not a fairy tale but a folk story with actual roots of truth.
Mattie: She means it really happened.
Mrs. Dale: In 1200 King Richard had left England on a crusade to find the Holy Grail. While he was away his evil brother, Prince John, tried to take over the country.
Betty: Why would anyone want all the problems of running a country?
Barney: It wasn't the problems Prince John wanted, it was the tax money.
Mrs. Dale: Absolutely !
Tony: And Robin Hood was one of the problems?
Brenda: Yah, just like you!
Mrs. Dale: Now class, you seem more interested in Robin Hood than today's history lesson.
Peter: If Robin Hood really happened why can't that be our history lesson?
Jill: Yah, let's play Robin Hood.
Jack: Good idea. This will be fun!
Robin: I wanna be robin Hood.
John: I'll be prince John, I could use the money.
Mary: Who else is in the story Mrs. Dale?
Larry: Yah, I don't want a dumb part like a cow or something like that.
Mrs. Dale: Well let me just see now...

Mrs. Dale: You can be Robin hood the king of the forest,
Merry men: We'll be your Merry Men and we'll have a ball.
All: Now need a Little John Robin's best friend, Someone who's big and brave and tall.
Friar Tuck the man of the church and a pretty girl for Maid Marion.
We steal from the rich all that we can, then give it to the poor when we are done.
Now we need a Sheriff of Nottingham and some people to be on his side. You can be Prince John, a brave, brave ruler 'til there's danger then you run and hide.
Mrs. Dale: I will be Alan-A-Dale, the minstrel who sings the song.
Minstrels: We will be minstrels too, and help by singin' along.
All: Now we add the people of Nottingham and that's all,
Mrs. Dale: Just one more thing. You can play the part of Richard, the absent but not forgotten king.

Larry: King Richard! He's off on some crusade. What a crummy part! I want a big part.
Connie: how about a cow!
All: Laugh

Robin Hood March
Robin Hood and his Merry men Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marion, The minstrels and Prince John, the Sheriff and his men, town's people all in place we're ready to begin.
Robin Hood Lived by the bow,
Robing Hood fought ev'ry foe, Robin Hood, Robin Hood with his Merry Men, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, his legend lives again.
King Richards' gone on a crusade, leaving behind Prince John. With John in charge of the kingdom, Life was no longer fun. Taxes got bigger and bigger, Soon ev'ry body was poor. John was rich with lots of gold, Ev'ryone else grew hungry and cold, they called to the wood to see if they could get Robin Hood.
Robin Hood Lived by the bow,
Robin Hood fought ev'ry foe, Robin Hood, Robin Hood with his Merry Men, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, his legend lives again.
Brave Robin Hood in the forest, Backed by this men, brave and true. Taking the gold from the wealthy, doing what good they could do. Fighting the cruel hearted Sheriff, Keeping him on the run. Living free, day by day, no one could be happy as they. Deep in the wood, led by the good, Robin Hood.
Robin Hood Lived by the bow,
Robin Hood fought ev'ry foe, Robin Hood, Robin Hood with his Merry Men, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, his legend lives again. Robin Hood, Robin Hood, His legend Lives again. Robin Hood, Robin Hood.

Robin Hood March Tag
(Villagers get village signs. A court Jester crosses down center with card with Scene I written on it)
Court Jester: Scene I. The Village, With Villagers
Shopkeeper: Boy, what a joke. Look at these Low-class clothes.
Candle maker: Yah, wouldn't it be great to be Robin Hood.
Village Idiot: These townsfolk parts aren't so bad... except we're broke!
Shopkeeper: They tax this, they tax that. Prince John and his lousy tax.
Serf: Don't look now, but here comes Prince John's tax collector.
Candle maker 2: The Sheriff, more bad news.
Sheriff: Good day kind townsfolk. (to Serf ) Good day if you have tax money for me.
Serf: Please Sheriff. I need this money to buy food to feed my family.
Sheriff: My dear neighbor, with out food you shall become weak. And remember, the weak shall inherit the earth-- or something like that. (takes money)
Baker: You and Prince John are nothing but crooks.
Sheriff: I heard that Mr. Baker and I have news for you. I happen to know that no one will be buying your breads this week and you won't be “kneading your dough”. So hand it over! (takes bread sign) and how about you, kind blacksmith?
Blacksmith: I have nothing to give, me lord. Even my steed has no horseshoes to protect his hoofs.
Sheriff: Your shoes will do, a fine contribution. (Blacksmith reluctantly gives shoes)
Blacksmith: Even the laces?
(Larry as King Richard enters)
Larry: Hey, that's not very fair, you can't just go around....
(Talking as school children)
Susan: What are you doing?
Sally: You can't be out here. Oh Brother.
Sadie: Larry, the King comes on later. We'll tell you when.
Steven: We'll all say 1, 2, 3, now—then you come on.
Larry: 1, 2, 3, now. Big Deal! (exits)
Sheriff: How about the Butcher?
Butcher: I have no money, only a few knives and a cleaver.
Sheriff: They'll do. (Takes sign and knives)
Butcher: But without them we'll have no way to cut our meats for market.
Sheriff: Hmmm. That is a problem. I know, I'll take all that useless meat too. Your problems are solved. (takes meat sign)
Butcher: What!!
Sheriff: Sometimes I think I'm too good to all of you. Prince John will be so pleased.
Blacksmith: Tax Shmax!
Sheriff: If you had a pair of shoes, my good man, I'd cut your tongue out.
(Court Jester crosses with a Boo Sign, Sheriff exits)
Villager 1: Ever since King Richard left, things have been in shambles.
Serf: Prince John is so wicked!
Villager 2: You know what? The townsfolk parts sure aren't much fun.
(Alan-A-Dale and Minstrels come forward and sing as scene changes to Prince John's Counting room)

Life in Nottingham wasn't very pleasant, happy or relaxing, between Prince John and the wicked Sheriff, life was very taxing.
Prince John loves to count his money, then go out and spend it, he says he can't buy happiness, but he sure as heck can rent it.

Court Jester: Scene II, the Castle.
Prince John: Three thousand seven hundred and twenty four, three thousand seven hundred and twenty five.
Sheriff: Prince John?
Prince John: Not now, Can't you see I'm busy! Three thousand seven hundred and twenty six.
Hiss: Busssy!
Sheriff: But I have something for you .
Prince John: Will thoust please be quiet!
Sheriff: but sire?
Hiss: Shussssh!
Prince John: Three hundred and thousand,.....
Hiss: (Shakes head) Noooo!
Prince John: Twenty hundred seven and thousand... Darn! You royal rag-head. Now Hiss and I must start all over.
Hiss: SSStarrrt all ooover!
Prince John: It's all right-- Daddy's here.
Sheriff: Sire, I have today's tax money. The people were so cooperative.
Prince John: I see, how nice. But we have a problem.
Sheriff: You mean Robin Hood?
Prince John: Robin Hood? Ha, ha ha. Do not be silly. That little sneak does not frighten me in the least.
Maid Marion : Excuse me your highness, It's tea time.
Prince John:Yes so it is. Be quick about it. ( she serves tea while listening to their conversation)
Sheriff: Now, what is this problem?
Prince John: That big brute of a brother of mine is being held captive in Vienna.
Sheriff: And I suppose they want a ransom for him.
Hiss: Pressssicessly.
Prince John: 100,000 pounds. Him and his foul crusades. Why couldn't he play the piano or collect stamps.
Maid 1: Be careful Marion!
Maid 2: Prince John will throw you in jail if he catches you!
Maid Marion: Here are your cookies sire.
Prince John: Thank you my dear. Here you are Hiss, that's a good snake.
Hiss: Thankssss.
Sheriff: Oh brother.
Prince John: Now those peasantly people of Nottingham will want that money raised so Richard can come home. Whateh can we do Hiss? (Marion starts to exit left but stops and listens)
Hiss: Ssssearch me?
Sheriff: What if we raised all the money?
Prince John: Yes, go on.
Sheriff: Then as it's being sent to Vienna, my men, dressed as Robin Hood's men, could steal it. (turning to audience getting excited.)
Prince John: Yes, and....
Sheriff: (getting louder) And all the townsfolk would think Robin stole the money and then betray him and be loyal to us.
Prince John: Oooh, I like it No, I adore it. (Sheriff smiling)
I'm so glad I thought of it. (Sheriff frowns)
(to Hiss) His Majesty is so clever.
Hiss: (laughs) ssss sss sss sss ( and sticks his tongue out at the sheriff)
Court Jester crosses with Boo sign
Prince John: Let us go tell the village fools we're raising money for Richards return. Oh servant...... Worthless servant!
Servant: Yes, sire?
Prince John: Bring this money to the royal vault, but don't be tempted to take any. I know exactly how much there is.
(Little John) Servant: Yes, your Highness. (Prince John, hiss, and sheriff exit)
Maid 1: What are we going to do?
Maid Marion: I must get word to Robin Hood.
Maid 2: That will be very dangerous!
(Little John) Servant: Maybe I can help. (throwing off hood and revealing he is Little John)
Maid Marion: Little John!!
Little John: Shh. Not so loud. Now what's the problem. ( they exit as she is telling him the problem)

Alan and Minstrels:
Maid Marion heard all the plan, so she told Little John what she heard them say, Then she and Little John ran to tell Robin Hood, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, golly what a day.
Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, ay. Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, ay. Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally ay. Oo-de lally, golly what a day to day.
Back at Sherwood Forest Robin and his merry men were laughin' and a talkin' just pass the time of day,
Telling stories back n' forth about their brave adventures, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, golly what a day.
Member when Robin Hood first met Little John! Crossing a bridge, they met half way?
They fought 'til John knocked Robin in the water, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, golly what a day.
Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, ay. Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, ay. Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally ay. Oo-de lally, golly what a day to day.

Alan and Minstrels:
Just then some townsfolk came into the forest to tell Robin Hood of their great dismay.
All: We're being taxed out of house and home, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, not a jolly day.
When the Sheriff collects the taxes, doesn't matter who you are, you have to pay.
If you have a two-pence he'll take it then want some more, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, not a jolly day.
Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, ay. Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, ay. Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally ay. Oo-de lally, golly, what a rotten day. This kind of thing can't go on forever, we've got to get Prince John out of our way. Maybe Robin Hood can think of something to help brighten up our rotten day.
Court Jester: (enters with Scene III Card upside down) Scene III Sherwood Forest) Looks down realizes it turns it right side up and walks off (Do te do te do).
Robin Hood: Here you are Mr. Baker, Mr. Butcher, Good Shopkeeper. Take and use this money, all of you.
Candle maker: Thank you Robin , with out you we could not survive.
Serf: Three Cheers for Robin Hood, King of the Forest.
All: Hip hip hooray-- Hip hip hooray- Hi hi hooray- golly what a day.
Court Jester crosses with Yah!!Sign.
Friar Tuck: Listen people, money is helpful but what is anything with out our King Richard here?
Robin Hood: And even worse, Prince John is here.
Friar Tuck: We must give all this money towards the safe return of our King Richard.
King Richard: Gee, that's real nice of all of you to do that for me.
Merry man Fred: Larry will you get out of here?
Merry Man Frank: Yah, you're supposed to locked up in some prison in Vienna.
King: Richard: Uh, would you believe I just came back for a few things? I know, 1,2,3, now!
Robin Hood: We're working on your ransom in the next scene. You'll get your chance.
King Richard: I'd rather be a cow.
Villager 3: We'll do all we can to raise the 100,000 pounds for Richards return.
Villager 4: We only wish we could help more.
Robin Hood: Your loyalty is help enough.
Villager 5: Thanks again Robin Hood.
Villager 6: Good Luck! You have our best wishes!
Robin Hood: Ah, another day—another pound.
Little John: I've got some news.
Robin Hood: Marion, it's good to see you.
Maid Marion: The pleasure is mine, dear Robin.
Little John: I hate to interrupt you two little lovebirds, but the Prince and Sheriff are up to no good.
Merry man Bert: What is it John?
Little John : They're planning on taking Richards ransom and keeping it for themselves.
Merry Man Ernie: They'll never get away with it!
Little John: Disguised as us they will.
Merry man Nigel: They're going to dress up like us? The townspeople will think we stole the money!
Maid Marion: That's their plan. I heard it myself.
Maids: As did we!
Little John: Any ideas Robin?
Robin Hood: If Prince John wants it to look like we stole the money, let's do it.
Little John: And we'll deliver it to save King Richard ourselves.
King Richard: That's a Great Idea!!
Merry man Bob: Larry, not now!!
Merry man Bill: We haven't counted to three!
King Richard: Oh all right, but it is still a good idea!
Friar Tuck: King Richard is almost home. Good plan Robin.
Maid Marion: Robin, you're so clever. I could kiss you!
Robin Hood: (looking at the audience and then to merry men)Why don't we go back stage.
Little John: I could just kiss you. (talking in girl's voice to Friar Tuck)
Friar Tuck: Uh, no thanks! I'd rather dance. (bowing) Maestro.

Love it seems like only yesterday, They were just two kids at play, Now they're all grown up so rapidly.
Oh, how fast those moment flee. Oo--------------------------------.
Once they watched a lazy world go by, now the days seem to fly.
Time is brief, but when it's gone love goes on and on.

Little John: Friar Tuck, I just love the way you dance. (As he curtsies)
(Robin and Maid Marion enter unnoticed)
Friar Tuck: Love, ah what is love?
Robin Hood: Love? I'll tell you what love is. I'd love to punch you guys out but we have to clear the stage for the next scene. O.K. Townsfolk, let's go Village scene next.
(The guards enter with chest and stay with it center. Prince John and Sheriff enter right and discuss their plan down stage to audience)
Prince John: Now, Sheriff, remember thoust must be on the look out for Robin and his Merry Men. (Gesturing out to audience.)
Sheriff: Don't worry, Prince John, everything shall go according to plan.
Prince John: I am not worried Sheriff. It shall not be my head that rolls if things go wrong.
Hiss: Oh, ssire, you're ssuch a cut-up ss ss ss sss.
Prince John: All right, let us get on with it.
Sheriff: Good people of Nottingham. We need, for King Richards return, to raise 100,000 pounds.
Village Idiot: Why not use a crane?
(Jester enters and starts to cross with Scene IV Card)
Prince John: You're late. We've already started Scene IV! Get out of here!!!!
Jester gets almost all the way hangs head and crosses back. )
Butcher: I have a few pounds for Richards return.
(coming forward and putting a small sack into the chest)
Baker: As do I. Here your Highness.
Prince John: Excellent.
Hiss: Yessss.
(people keep putting money in the chest)
Sheriff: I knew the townsfolk would come through.
Blacksmith: I give my last pound sire.
Prince John: Thank you. We can use the money....for King Richard.
Sheriff: And what about you gentlemen? (to Guards)
Guard: Sorry.
Guard:2: We gave at the office.
Prince John: Are you keeping your eyes peeled foreth Robin Hood? Check everyone, he may be disguised as someone else.
Sheriff: Not a chance sire.
(a bush enters with Robin & little John Behind it)
There's no way he's going to get by me, NO WAY!
Villager:7: We give all that we can to your Highness. (putting money in chest)
Villager 8: We give all that we can for Richard's return. (money in chest)
Prince John: I'm sure the fool is thankful...I mean ..I'm sure he is full of thanks. Sheriff? (calling to sheriff and bringing him downstage as the rest of the people on stage freeze. The bush starts moving toward the chest)
Sheriff: What a haul Prince John, we got enough to be on easy street forever.
Prince John: Excellent!!!
(Jester crosses stage with Boo! Sign halfway across flips it over and it says Hiss. Robin and Little John steal money while still behind bush) Now for phase two of my plan.
Sheriff: I'll get the men ready.
Prince John: Hiss and I will stay with my money. (turns to money) Wait!!!! It's gone. Where's my moolah?!?
Sheriff: I'll bet it's that Robin Hood.
Robin Hood: Sheriff, may I that you're barking up the right tree with that guess.
Little John: Uh, Robin, I think we better leaf. Too De loo Princey.
Prince John: Hiss!
We've been robbed!!!!
Hiss: Sssshucks!
Townsfolk 1: And it was Robin that took the money.
Townsfolk 2: He is a crook!
Townsfolk 3: What are you going to do Prince John?
Prince John: Do?
Sheriff: I think they want Robin Hood punished. I suggest the people do it themselves.
Prince John: Yes, they know where Sherwood Forest is.
Townsfolk 4: Then let's go get him!
(as they sing the stage changes to Sherwood forest. )

We have been fooled by that scoundrel Robin Hood,
he tricked us and stole our dough, Now we can't free King Richard, How could Robin Hood stoop so low. Let's go out to Sherwood Forest and tell Robin Hood just what we think. If we all just stick together we can get our money back from that fink.
Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, ay. Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, ay. Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally, Oo-de lally ay. Oo-de lally, what a turn about today.

Jester crosses with a blank card, realizes it and turn it around. The other side is blank so he exits speechless.
Irate Villager: There's the crooks.
Even irater villager: Let's go get 'um!
Iratest Villager: Yah, this time you've betrayed the King of England.
Friar Tuck: Hold it, hold it! Easy on your friend there dear people. What is the problem?
Irate beyond description Villager: Robin Hood and Little John stole the money for King Richard's ransom.
Friar Tuck: Did you give them a chance to explain?
Vicious & irate villager: No, we want their necks, not their lies!!!
Robin Hood: Hear me out people. I saved the money from falling into the hands of Prince John.
Little John: He was going to keep it for himself.
Friar Tuck: Some men are leaving for Vienna soon. Any of you are welcome to go along and assure the ransom's delivery.
No longer irate villager: No, we've trusted Robin before.
Philosophical villager: Yes, we should ask questions before we jump to conclusions.
Robin Hood: In any case, Richard will be home soon.
Little John: And Prince John will be out!
Joyful Villager: We'll have our real King back.
Poetic villager: No more of that phoney baloney and his taxes!!
Festive villager: This calls for a celebration.

The Phony King of England
Oh the world will sing of an English King A thousand years from now, And not because he passed some laws Or had that lofty brow, While bonny good King Richard leads The great crusade he's on,
We'll all have to slave away For that good-for-nothin' John. Incredible as he is inept when all the history books are kept, They'll call him the phony King of England. A pox on the phony King of England!
He taxes us to pieces And he robs us of our bread, King Richard's crown keeps slippin' down
Around that pointed head, Ah! But while there is a merry man in Robin's wily pack, We'll find a way to make him pay, And steal our money back. A minute before he knows we're here, Ol' Rob'll snatch his underwear, The breezy and uneasy king of England.
The sniveling, groveling
Blubbering, Blabbering
Measly, weaselly
Jibbering, Jabbering,
Plundering, Plotting,
wheeling, dealing
Prince John, that phony King of England
(Poetic villager: “This money we're sending is really no loss, King Richard of England will soon be our boss. When Richard returns, being locked up and gone, he'll see dear brother, then it's by by Prince John.”
Merry Men: Thank you, Good bye, etc.
All: Good luck by, safe trip, etc. )
Prince John, the phony King of ….
Prince John: Aha! Here you all are. I am glad you all get along so can keep each other company in prison.
Friar Tuck: Prison! What are the charges?
(He distracts the bad guys while Robin & Little John run into the audience)
Prince John: Charges? Uh...the charges are ...uh...
Sheriff: Tax evasion.
Prince John: Right! And aiding the criminal, Robin Hood and his men. Now whereth are they? (looking all over the stage, Robin Hood & Little John are now sitting in the audience holding up programs in front of their faces. )
Sheriff: Guards, haul these people off to prison and find Robin Hood. Everyone should be questioned.
(Jester starts to cross with “boo” sing and is hauled off stage with the villagers. Prince John picks up the dummy that was made up to look like him.)
Prince John: Excuse me my well dressed friend. Have you seen Robin Hood? (pause)
Do not be afraid to answer. (pause)
You can be afraid if you don't answer! What is your name?!? Guard!
I want this man questioned! ((Throwing down dummy)
Guard: Sire, That man is a dummy. (seeing dummy)
Prince John: I know. He doesn't even know his name.
Guard 2: Sire, neither Robin nor Little John are here.
Hiss: Thossse sslimy cowardsss.
Prince John: Dear audience, have any of you seen a good friend of mine, Robin Hood? Or, how about little Jerk, I mean Little John.
(Both Little John and Robin Hood stand with programs still in front of their faces, and shout.)
Robin & Little John: Yah, they went thata way!
Prince John: Thank you. Now, there's two loyal people. Sheriff, make sure they get free tickets to our next show.
The Dungeon Intro
Not in Nottingham
Every town
Has its ups and downs
Sometime the ups
Out number the downs
not in Nottingham
(Townspeople enter chained together Jester at the end of the line holding up Scene VI)
We're inclined to believe
If only we could,
We'd up and leave
That mean Prince John, The trouble he brings.
We miss dear Richard, we miss our King,
We have nothing here except ourselves
Here in Nottingham
(Robin: Little John we have to save the poor people of Nottingham. We need shrewdness, cunning, and trickery.
Little John: I thought we needed a plan!?
Robin Hood: What if we dressed up like gypsies...
Little John: I think you need a vacation, Robin.
Robin Hood: No, listen, this will work. What if we... )
Too many laws are breaking us down, There are no more straws around this town, Not in Nottingham
Jester flips over card and it reads Help!

Prince John: Sheriff, soon Robin and Little John will try to rescue those worthless villagers and then both of them will fall into our trap.
Sheriff: Sire, I don't think Robin hood would risk his neck to save a bunch of nobodies,(to Hiss) would you?
Hiss: Sssilly, Ssnakes don't have necks.
Prince John: What if we bait the trap with Maid Marion and throw her into the dungeon also?
Sheriff: Excellent Sire, he'd even risk little John's neck to save Maid Marion. I'll go capture her.
Alan-A-Dale: Will Robin's plan Work?
Minstrel 1: Or will he and Little John be captured along with everyone else?
Minstrel 2: Will the townsfolk ever see daylight again?
Minstrel 3: Will Maid Marion ever see Robin again?
Minstrel 4: Will any of you come see any of our shows again?
(Robin and Little John enter dressed as gypsies)
Little John: Not bad Robin, you look kinda cute.
Robin Hood: No time to lose Little John. Start chanting.
Little John: Huh?
Robin Hood: Follow me. (start to dance and chant)
Prince John: What is that awful noise?
Robin Hood: It's working.
Prince John: What's going on here?
Robin Hood: Look, Juanita it's that charming Prince.
Little John: Prince Charming?
Robin Hood: No. His Majesty, Prince John. I am Robita and this is Juanita. We are traveling fortune tellers.
Prince John: What seems to be the problem?
Robin Hood: No problem. We are rejoicing because our enemy Robin Hood is about to be captured.
Little John: Yes, that no good sniveling little creep, Robin Hood.
Prince John: How do you know Robin Hood will soon be captured?
Robin Hood: Juanita and Robita know all, oh great and powerful majestic ruler of all rulers who soon will be King of England.
Prince John: Yes, I guess you do. Could you predict my future?
Little John: It wouldn't be hard you little snake... (Hiss looks at Little John)
Robin Hood: And you too your highness.
Prince John: Uh, how much would it cost?
Robin Hood: Being in your presence is payment enough.
Prince John: All right then dear ladies, get on with it.
(Stands behind Prince John with his hands over Prince John's eyes.)
Robin hood: First, close your eyes and think of nothing but yourself.
(Prince John closes eyes and puts his hands over Sir Hiss)
Little John: That shouldn't be hard.
Prince John: All right. Now what?
Robin Hood: Let me see now. (Robin points over to townspeople who are all tied up and and motions to Little John to help them.)
Robin Hood: Let me see now. Oh! I see big things happening to you very very soon. Do you like surprises?
Prince John: Adore them.
Robin Hood: I think you're in for a big one.
Prince John: Oh Goody! Sire Hiss, did you hear that? Who's it from?
(Sir Hiss realizes what's happening and tries to get prince John's attention)
Robin Hood: Someone you know very well. (townsfolk are all free)He goes by the name of ….Robin Hood!
Prince John: Robin Hood?!? (opening his eyes)
(Robin gives a casual salute to Prince John)
Townsfolk: Robin Hood!!! Yah, Robin Hood!!!
(Sheriff, Guards and Maid Marion Enter)
Guards and Sheriff: Robin Hood!
Maid Marion: Robin Hood!
Maids: Oh, Robin Hood!
Little John: Uh, Robin Hood? (pointing to sheriff and Guards)
Robin Hood: Just call me Robita!!
(Small fight scene each merry man fighting with a guard. The Jester enters with card Yell, scream and carry on. He flips card over to Louder! Just as Robin and his men are about to win we hear fanfare)
Robin Hood: Listen, Kin Richard has returned!
Townsfolk: Hooray for King Richard!!
Sheriff: It's a good thing he showed up, Prince John, or we'd be shish-ke-bobs right now.
Prince John: Long Live King Richard. (gulp)
Robin Hood: O.K., Larry, here's your chance.
Little John: Let's tell him “now” everybody. On the count of three....(To audience)
All: One, Two, Three Now!
King Richard: Dear people of Nottingham...I just wanted to say... uh, I wanted to say........
school bell rings
Larry: I just wanted to say... Mooooo!
Mrs. Dale: All right, class is dismissed until tomorrow.
Bonnie: Let's go play Robin Hood.
Tony: Come on, this time I wanna be the sheriff.
All: Let's go, I wanna be Robin Hood. I'll be Sir Hiss, etc.
Mrs. Dale and Minstrels: Though that is the end of our story Robin Hood lives on and on. Fighting for right all through history until all his battles are won.
All: Robin Hood Lived by the bow, Robing Hood fought ev'ry foe, Robin Hood, Robin Hood with his Merry Men, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, his legend lives again. Robin Hood, Robin Hood, His legend Lives again. Robin Hood. Yeah!

Jester: Enters with card The End other side Applaud then another card saying Bye come again!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

One Week!

Just one week from today until the Summer Workshop begins!!! The class is full and we are getting ready for lots of summer fun. Remember Class will be held in the Little Theatre at Spanish Fork High School 10:00 a.m. to Noon. See you soon.