Thursday, October 29, 2009

YouTube dance videos

Princess Laura has posted some practice videos on YouTube for everyone to practice at home! Here are the links!
The Jitterbug:

Merry old land of oz:
Have fun and we will see ya next week!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spotlight Of The Week Oct 14th

These video clips are from last week. Sorry for the delay, I had a bit of problem with my camera (it hasn't been quite the same since it went for a swim on a scout trip).

Keeping Students Well

We had a few children absent today because of sickness. Please don't send your child to class if they have cough, runny nose, etc. We will miss them, but we would rather not pass sickness around the class. We will make sure they catch up on what they missed in class.

School Performances

We have a couple of school performances scheduled and have some classes from Canyon, East Meadows, and Riverview coming to see the show. All teachers should have received an e-mail with the information. Please talk to your child's teacher, and encourage them to bring their class or school. It is so much fun to perform for a theatre full of elementary children. If they have any questions please have them call Karma @ 801-494-4730. Thanks!

Performance Dates

We have the performance dates scheduled. The first day on the stage is Wed. Mar. 17th. We will have rehearsals throughout the week ending with a special performance on Tues. Mar. 23rd. Opening Night is Wed. Mar. 24th. School and public performances on Mar. 25th& 26th. Our Final performance will be a matinee on Sat. Mar. 27th. So please mark your calendar now.

class Wednesday Oct 14Th

I have had a lot of people ask if we are having class today and we are! Hope to see you all before you leave town for the long weekend!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Here it is October Already!

Be sure to pay class fees before Oct. 14th to get the discount. We have also finished casting Munchkinland so scroll down and take a peek.